Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ella's 9 month check up

Ella had her 9 month check up today! She is doing so so good. I'm so proud of her, not only b/c she's so damn cute, but b/c she's right where a 9 month old should be! She is 18.6 mind you, I just took her to the dr's about 2 1/2 weeks ago b/c she was really sick. It ended up being Roseola, but anyway, they weighed her and said she was exactly 18lbs. The girl has put on about 6oz in 2 weeks! Crazy! She does eat though! She is in the 50th percentile for weights, and is 28.5" long. She is in the 80th Percentile for length. I still don't understand how she is still so tall! There are no tall women in mine or Randy's family that I know of. The dr can't get over it. He says over and over again there is no way she was early, and we both laugh. I can't keep telling my mom that b/c she SWEARS I was right on time when I had Ella. She says she is SURE I was preggo when we went to Hawaii January of 2008. According to all my ultrasounds (and I had quite a few) Ella was 4 weeks early. You would never know it now. I keep thinking if she had baked for 4 more poor poor body or body parts. She would just be a mammoth and off the charts for an 8 month old! Ugh!

So, she is now crawling like a mad woman, climbing over everything. Or as Randy and CJ like to put it "4 wheeling it over everything!" She is very busy, has to get into everything and check everything out. Her favorites right now are the cat food and cords of course. I never remember baby proofing to this extent with CJ. But then again, I don't remember much since it was four long years ago. Ella's one top tooth has FINALLY broken thru. She started teething with her top 2 about 2 months ago. Not that she's been bad, just a few rough nights getting to sleep. Thank God she stays asleep. Once in a great while she wakes up for a bottle still but only when she REFUSES to eat dinner. Like last night, she just didn't care for anything. She just wanted to get down and get into everything. Typical Salatino I always say...busy, busy, busy! She is starting to pull herself up on everything and soon I know she'll discover the stairs. The other night, in between her sassy screams for me to get her bottle, she actually stopped, pointed and said, "Ba, ba". So, she has now officially said Mama, Dada, bye bye, and ba ba. I swear she said ni ni for night night. But who knows. And every morning when we walk downstairs after her bottle, she waves, as if she's Miss America and saying hi to everyone. It's the most hysterical thing! Really, she has quite the sense of humor. She has this amazing fake laugh, and fake cough. CJ actually did the fake cough for a very long time. Sometimes still does it. But, I'm just amazed at how much she does every day. Randy says she's becoming a little person...and it's at this stage I start to get the itch for another little one. But, sadly, there will be no more babies...Randy and I have long since had the talk. Ella's pregnancy and delivery were just too hard on me and we are so blessed to have a boy AND a girl, so we're officially done. Now if I can just convince Randy to get the snip........