Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally, time to relax!

It's been one busy week for us, and it's only Wednesday. Monday CJ had his follow up at the Allergist from testing and new meds from his last appt, which was in January. It did NOT go well at all. Not what I was hoping for. The one thing I wanted to mention was CJ's breathing. I was pretty sure he had asthma, and lately he's had a lot of trouble breathing when he's playing hard, and coughing at night. The coughing at night keeps him up a lot and I just feel so bad for him b/c often it brings him to tears b/c he says his throat hurts. Well, the nurse had CJ do the breathing test, and some of the results were good, like how much air he actually takes in, but the really shocking part was how much he is releasing and how much is getting trapped in his lungs. Amazing how a little machine can tell you all that! Anyway, he was way below average for those things, so sure enough he has allergy induced asthma. More meds, here we come! The dr very strongly suggested we get rid of all of our pets, but really, at this point it's not an option. CJ and I talked about it and he doesn't want to either, it would devestate him, so the pets are staying. For now. Back to the meds....CJ now has to be on Flovent, which is another type of inhaler to help open up his lung tissue (which he has to use 2x a day), nasal spray b/c the dr said his nasal passages were very swollen. Not a shocker b/c he's ALWAYS sniffling! We still have to keep him on Zyrtec, use his other inhaler as needed and now thinking about going back to Singulair. Ugh, what a nightmare. Poor thing, and he was such a good sport at the Allergist too, considering the last time we went they did his skin test. Well anyway, so far so good with all his meds. CJ doesn't even mind the nasal spray, shockingly enough.

Yesterday we had a playdate with two friends of mine from high school. Actually, one of my friends I've known since 5th grade. Isn't that insane? And the funny thing is she has a daughter that is not too much younger than CJ, and a daughter that is 2 months younger than Ella. And my other friend has two kids that are 1.5 years old and 2.5 years old. Everyone had a blast. Ella and Haylee (the baby), actually smiled at each other and babbled a bit. It was adorable. Then Ella decided she HAD to have Haylee's socks. She actually pulled them off her feet and chewed on them, and Haylee just stared at her in complete awe. Too cute. I posted a bunch of pics on my facebook page. After we got home it was DEF time for a nap for two busy kids, and a busy mama. I think that was the only time I've napped this week. I was just so worn out, not to mention not sleeping well. I mean, a lot of times I get major sleep insomnia, but really...who could sleep next to a man who snores to wake the dead, runs in his sleep, talks in his sleep (most of the time he's actually yelling at his workers or CJ!), or kicks me in his sleep. Not good. And sleep issues are one thing I don't want to get meds for. It will just make me loopy. I much prefer alcohol for that! Anyway, that's about it. I worked Wednesday and ran errands with the kids and made some yummy meatloaf for dinner. A good day!