Saturday, July 11, 2009

A night out

Hmm, how nice that I FINALLY went out without a child attached to me tonight. Seriously, I haven't been out since before Ella was least without someone accompanying me. And it was wonderful. I didn't have to rush, I enjoyed my meal and adult conversation and even had a glass of wine! I know right...probably normal to everyone else out there, but not for me. My hubby tends to work so much that it's really hard for him to have any type of patience to watch two kids. But, I made it mandetory that he keep Ella and CJ tonight. Of course, he lucked out when my brother in law came over and kept him company the whole time, but he sort of got the drift of what it's like for me some days. And why the hell is it that Ella is always an angel for him when I'm gone? I asked him how she did and he said she was sooo good. Not fair, although most days she is very good for me. Anyway, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with my good friend Melissa. I had fish, typically the same thing I always have when I go out. Everything was wonderful, and how I've missed gossiping with someone about life that doesn't have to do with construction. Ugh, no talk about pole barns, or apples or trusses. What a break from reality. See, Randy, my "sweetie", talks nonstop to me about all those terms and I have honestly no freaking clue what it means. You would think after him being in the business for so long, I would be able to build a pole barn, but nope. And to be honest, I kind of lose all interest when the conversation starts leading to that. There are a lot of "oh yeah" and "reallys" that end up coming out of my mouth. Oh, back to my point...I've missed my friend. It's been too long since we've caught up. So it was wonderful. But back to reality once I got home. CJ was literally jumping off the couches when I walked in the door and Randy and Lee (my brother in law) were playing the Wii. I have no clue how Ella sleeps thru all that racket but she does. All hell seems to break loose when I leave, even if only for a few hours. And of course, I have to be the police and break it all up. Lee leaves, Randy decides to go to bed and CJ thinks he can still bounce off the walls because Daddy has let him do it up to this point. Sadly, the poor kid had to pay a visit to the sleeping Gods because he was so overtired and miserable. To bed he went, Randy went to catch up on Nascar (thrilling I know!) and I came down here to do some more blogging. So that's how my night out went...wish I would've done some more drinking but now that I think about it...not so smart when I have two kids who have NO clue what sleeping in means. So I'll end this post with a picture of me and my bud Melissa: