Saturday, July 11, 2009

So, here's my very first post on my very first blog. Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I, right? Not that my life is very exciting....well sometimes it can be. But, it's a place to get my frustrations out as I try and keep my sanity while working part time and staying at home with my kids.

Ok, about my kids. My son's name is CJ, he is 4 years old. But we always say he's an 80 year old man in a little boys body. He is mature way beyond his years, yet the biggest spitfire you'll ever meet! He's wonderful, amazing, surprising and naughty all mixed into one. You'll soon learn to understand that such a combo is not always such a good thing. He is 100% boy, with all of my husbands spunk and spontenaity. Crap, I hope spell check works 'cause I have no clue how to spell spont...whatever. Anyway, CJ has a huge love for life and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for him. He makes me laugh and brings me up when I'm down. He's a true
Momma's boy. This is crazy CJ:

My mini-me daughter is Ella Dominique. I say mini me because she truely does look a lot like me. She's your typical sassy girl. Ella must always be right in the middle of whatever is going on. She loves action and a lot of company. She is the busiest baby I've ever known, yet loves to sleep. Funny combination but it works for her. For the most part she sleeps very well and through the night. She was born 4 weeks early, but now you'd never know it. She loves to eat and is growing like a weed. She actually has her 9 month check up late next week. I can't wait to see how tall she is....I watch her sleeping and can't believe just how truely very long she is. I am not tall and neither is my husband. Anyway, Ella is a dream come true...she's perfect in every way. After having such a tough time with CJ has a baby, Ella could no wrong, lol! And besides being a very content baby, she's absolutely gorgeous. Here she is:

So, that's my first post....I know I'll be doing more probably tonight when I get more time. There is much more to learn and know about me and my crazy life!