Friday, August 7, 2009

War Wounds

So, the fam and I finally had a rare opportunity to go out together and get some ice cream. Here in Rochester, summer's don't last too much longer, so I figured better get out while we can! Usually Randy is working late on Fridays in the summer, but this time he wasn't. So off we went! I knew Ella would love it b/c she is such a people watcher, and CJ likes to be able to run around. Although what little boy doesn't?? Anyway, we ate our ice cream, and poor Miss Ella was being very neglected! She was growling and making all sorts of noises b/c she just wanted someone to share their food with her! So, I gave in and she had some yummy chocolate with peanut butter cups. Don't hate me 'cause I gave her peanut butter and she's only 10 months old, LOL. If you know me, I do NOTHING by the book with Ella. We fly by the seat of our pants. She loved every minute of it and I swear ate half my dish of ice cream. CJ couldn't get thru all of his, but not b/c he wasn't interested. Only b/c there was a huge trampoline type thing that he wanted to jump with all the other kids. We were sitting right in front of it, so we said he could go. And of course saying "Be Careful" falls on little boys deaf ears. Not more than 10 minutes later we heard the classic CJ screech. For anyone who has never heard this, thank your lucky stars! It is, and always has been, the loudest most ear piercing shrill screech I have ever had the luxury of experiencing. You would think at 4 years old he would've maybe moved past that embarrassing sound, but heavens no!!!!!!! Anyway, we see him holding his face and crying so hard he was barely breathing. Randy ran up to get him, and being the OCD man that Randy is, he stands there trying to take his shoes off (there was a sign that said no shoes while jumping). I'm worried about CJ, not knowing what to expect when he finally peels his hand from his mouth, and Randy is standing there playing with his shoes. Good God mister, just go grab your screaming kid! He carried CJ over to me, and of course he had some blood in and around his mouth. He actually had a couple splashes on his shirt, poor little man. Apparently him and the other boy were running and not paying attention (big shock there!), and just collided. The other boy had a bloody nose I guess, and CJ had a HUGE lip. He looked like a platypus (If that's even how you spell it!) I felt so bad for him....he kept saying how his teeth and head hurt really bad. Finally he calmed down and I went out and jumped with him. Then we did some running around on the playground while Daddy spent quality time with his little lady, and then we finally called it a night. Ella sucked down her bottle and was out cold! CJ and Daddy are currently playing transformers in the other room, and I will be going upstairs to read my gossip mag and finish my beer. Good night!!