Wednesday, August 5, 2009

While she cries

I swear I've been graced with two children who have the gift to NOT want to sleep. I don't understand it. I mean, Randy doesn't exactly embrace bedtime, but I LOVE my sleep. If I could sleep for a job I would, totally. I would nap if it still meant I could go to bed by 11pm every night. I miss sleeping in and curling up with my cold pillow in the dark to listen to absolutely nothing. The last week has been hell with Ella continuosly fighting naptime. She is the most miserable child when she doesn't get enough sleep....well, other than CJ that is. Anyway, she is currently upstairs in her crib, screaming bloody murder b/c she doesn't want to nap. 45 mins of sleepytime for her is not enough, good god! You would think she was auditioning for a part in Scream or something. And although our neighbors are not close, I am sure they can hear her. They must think I'm the worst mother, LOL, but do I care? Absolutely not. So, while she cries, I've blasted the radio and decided to blog, hoping that in about 20 mins she will have given up. Have I mentioned how damn stubborn she is? OMG, I am really in for it when she gets to being able to speak for herself. She has already started wailing on my head when she's mad at me and can't have what she wants. She's also to that stage where she will cry for something, throws it on the floor when you get it for her, and then waits for you to pick it up. But, for some reason, it's different with her than what I remember with CJ. She's way more sassy and bitchy about it. She also loves to pull hair and your shirt if you really piss her off. And I swear she is already saying "no". That's fantastic in my book. She's too young to be so sassy, but I guess I really had it coming to me. Oh, and by the way, she is still wailing away. Ugh, I wish I could either wear earplugs all day long, or just bang my head on the wall. Letting them cry it out can be so hard! But, everytime I give in I know it just lets her think she can always have her way. Won't make that mistake!