Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Day on The Farm

Today totally reminds me of the Baby Einstein movie...Old MacDonald, ha! And I can hear the music as I prelude to my post and pictures. Ok, I think I need to stop watching Baby Einstein. It's the only thing that plays in my car these days. No radio, no CD of mixed music....just "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." I often find myself singing these as I try to fall asleep. Oh to be a kid again.

This afternoon I took Ella and CJ to my aunt's horse farm. CJ loves being there, not only b/c all of his 2nd cousins go there as well, but CJ adores the horses. He will actually get on one and ride it every time we're there, that is how much he loves them. He's not afraid of them which often shocks me. CJ can be a real wuss sometimes, LOL!

We had a blast! All the kids got to ride the horses and we took a long walk out in the pasture and to the ponds. It's beautiful there, and I love that they have paths paved through out the acres of land they have. There is no noise, no annoying hubby, just me and my thoughts. Oh, and Miss Ella and her chattering of course. CJ was too cool to go on a walk with his mommy, he wanted to play freeze tag with the other kids. I didn't mind, any quiet time is much appreciated these days!

We enjoyed pizza, wings and salad and I had my first Carmel Porter. Not too bad if I may say so, but probably not something I would buy and drink on a regular basis. I'm a wine girl myself. I have to limit myself though b/c I often find wine can taste like water sometimes...goes down so easily. Anyway, Ella actually was quite good and entertaining. She loved my cousin Brendan and loved playing with my little cousin Olivia. It was a good time even if my mom and dad didn't have time to stop on over.

Enjoy the photos!