Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet my better half

I've been thinking that it's probably about time that I introduced my "better" half. Some of you know him, while others do not. His name is Magellan, but I usually call him Bubba. His middle name is CJ's first name, as horrific as it is. I still to this day can't imagine why anyone would carry on that name as a tradition but I guess it's some sort of guy thing. Magellan is a great person, inside and out. I can hardly believe we've been together for 11.5 years! Married for 7, but before we got married we sure had our share of ups and downs, but it only made us stronger. When I first met Magellan he was quite the charmer, but pretty rough around the edges. Quite the party boy if I may say so and in need of some desperate TLC....or Training, Love and Coddling. At least he was trainable!

Nah, just kidding. I mean, he's not a dog. I did train him though. It was A LOT of hard work to get him to where he is now!!

Magellan and I get along pretty well and have a lot of similarities. More than I care to admit most days. But, we also have a lot of differences that even us out. Believe it or not, Magellan is quite shy and introverted. Not me. I like being around other people. Don't get me wrong, I certainly love my alone time, but I much prefer to be around others. I giggle, gossip, and make fun of people. Magellan grunts, stews over things and generally doesn't notice others. He's a hard worker (most of the time!), takes great care of his family, and is a fantastic father. He's a sucker for CJ and Ella! He's a diehard Republican, which I can't stand, and is not afraid to voice his opinion to me. 99% of the time we disagree but that's what makes us different. The best part about Magellan is that he's a metro! Now, I think all men have a bit of metrosexualism about them, but Magellan is the poster boy for it. Honest to God!
He may be a few cards short of a full deck, but the boy does have style. It's one thing I've always admired about Magellan. He cares how he looks when we go out, so naturally he always looks nice. I have to admit though, sometimes he takes it a bit too far. More often than not, we're waiting on HIM when we have somewhere to go. I've learned how to get ready in a very short amount of time now that I have two children, but Magellan could care less if he's late for something. I won't go into too much detail about everything he does b/c he would be SOOOO embarrassed but, he would make a perfect woman. Well, only if women didn't have to go thru childbirth b/c he's a wuss when it comes to any type of pain or sickness.

I have never seen a man worry more about their looks than Magellan. It can get annoying sometimes but for the most part it comes with the territory and I've grown used to it. I've learned to lie about what time we need to be somewhere b/c I know how long it takes for him to get ready. He changes his outfit more times than me and spends a shitload of money on clothes. The only clothes he'll wear are from Abercrombie, and now Lucky Brand, thanks to Las Vegas. He's never heard of a "bargain" or "clearance". Those words do not exist in his vocabulary. He gets his hair cut at least two times a month, files his nails and is constantly scrubbing his shoes clean. Anal? NOOOO, not Magellan! He hangs every article of clothing he owns except for socks and underwear so they don't get wrinkled and has a fit if he gets a drop of anything on his shirt or pants. He irons T-Shirts, and is always the first to notice when one of his buddies has a new pair of shoes on.

And how fitting to know that he passed all of these wonderful qualites onto our son, who will ever so lovingly stare at his own reflection in the mirror before school and say to himself, "Looking good CJ!"