Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Princess turns 1!

I still can't believe my baby princess is one now. What a little sassy thing she has turned into. She is so much fun and learning so much, it is so amazing to me. It's been a long time since we've had a little one around seeing how CJ is 4.5 now. And every day Ella learns and does something new. And I just love how she cracks me up all the time. Her personality is shining and she loves to entertain people.

So anyway, we celebrated this momentous occasion on Sunday the 11th. We had tons of family and a few close friends over to enjoy the day. And I have to admit just about everyone was there on time! Ella didn't nap too well that afternoon, but she was in such great spirits. I think it's because she basks in the limelight. Not that she really has any idea what it's like to be the center of attention, but she loves to be around groups of people. At CJ's first birthday party he seemed to be completely put off by all the people and attention he got. So not true now! But, Ella visited with everyone and loved showing off how she's starting to walk all on her own. She certainly wasn't real sure what to make of the singing and cake thing, but she sure loved licking the PINK frosting off of her finger. There was some purple frosting on her piece of cake and she very matter of factly picked it up and threw it off the side of her high chair. She was only having pink!

Ella got some wonderful things, her most favorite being her Laugh and Learn Shopping Cart and her Glow Worm. Fisher Price apparently makes some new and improved Glow Worm's and my parents got her a Pink one. She's already figured out to push it's belly and it lights up and plays a lullaby. Ella got a very sweet Cupcake outfit from one of my best friends, and she didn't even have a clue that Ella's nickname is "Cupcake". The cake was awesome, the pizza was great, and I love having family time like that. Ella was simply gorgeous in her pink princess dress and pink crown. It was really a fantastic day!
Enjoy the parade of pictures!
Oh and since she's hit her milestone birthday, this is what the crazy girl has been up to:
*is walking on her own, not every time she moves but it's getting more consistent

*is now getting her molars

*does a fake cough and has the cutest "naughty" smile

*digs around in our garbage for any left over food (I don't let her eat it, but it's comical nonetheless!)

*mimics everything someone does (like trying to juggle like her Daddy!)

*waves hi/bye and gives kisses

*tries to do everything on her own (putting on her shoes, putting on hats)

*loves bath time and puts her head under the water as it's coming out of the faucet. She is scared of nothing

*terrorizes the cats by pulling their tails and chasing them

*loves to be tickled but don't you dare try to snuggle with her...she hates to snuggle!

*goes down for naps/bedtime with no crying finally!
*eats everything, and I mean everything in sight!

*Finally off of formula and on cow's milk and she's doing awesome!