Monday, October 26, 2009

Genie in a bottle

Do you ever feel like you're the Genie from "Aladdin"? Popping up everywhere going:

"Poor what do you need? Poof what do you need? Poof what do you need?"

If it isn't Ella needing my undivided attention, it's CJ needing me to watch what he's doing. Or it's Magellan needing me to proof read an email or paper to a client, or Pee Wee wanting to know what's for dinner. Add to that long list, my stupid dog. She decided to leave the property and find a nice, ripe, dead animal and bathe in it. Sounds lovely, eh?

Not so much....

She freaking stinks. Honest to God, Magellan made me get down and take a big sniff of her fur and I seriously dry heaved. I have never gagged from something that smelled so horrific in my life. And although I typically feel bad when she's outside in the cooler temps here in NY, today I do not. She smells, plain and simple. And later this week I have the luxury of driving her smelly ass to the groomers to get the smell out of her. So lucky me, she gets to stink the car up. Thank you, Magellan for getting this dog who loves to eat her own poop, pee in the house, roll in dead rotting carcasses and dig thru the garbage.

Have I mentioned that I love dogs?

Sometimes I really just get sick of answering questions, watching the new jumps CJ does off the couch (which by the way he is not supposed to do, but some days I just let him do it), clean up Ella's never ending mess of milk and drool, cat litter being dragged up from the basement from one of our 3 cats and so on, and so on. Saturday was just the end of it all for me. I had plans to go to dinner with 3 of my very bestest friends, and I could not wait to get out of the house. Magellan actually had the nerve to ask me if I was taking one of the kids with me. I laughed, said, "You can't be serious?"

Yes, he was very serious I think.

No, I did not cave in and take one with me, although CJ was really begging to go. I had a good excuse not to though: we were going to a Greek restaurant and they did not have chicken nuggets on the menu. I knew CJ wouldn't like anything on the menu, heck I didn't even think I would either, but I have promised myself I would always try something at least once. I mean, isn't that what we try to teach our children? What good parenting skills would I possess if I didn't make myself do the same? And you all know CJ would tell me I had to do a "no thank you bite"!

So off I went to dinner. I have to admit I did not enjoy anything but my friends at the Greek restaurant. The food was just far too different for me. And everything had Feta cheese in it! I have nothing against feta cheese, but seriously, can't you make at least one dish without it? It smells like dirty feet for crying out loud! ICK!

I ordered lasagna, thinking, you can't go wrong with this old standby, right? Right???? *shakes head* it was so not good and to be completely honest with you, I have no idea why it was green! It was mint green. And it sure didn't taste minty. But, back to my night, I did have a very good glass of wine and then the girls and I decided to walk across the street to Simply Crepes. Once again, to a place I have never been, but I was psyched about this one. It's gotten rave reviews, and who wouldn't like to try a huge crepe filled with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream? It was to DIE for! I can't wait to go back! I had to have my girls roll me to my car, I was so damn full! Did I mention we all also had a Pumpkin Crepe? OH BOY! I am now determined to learn how to make crepes. It looked easy on Hell's Kitchen!

I decided to do a little shopping since I was ticked at Magellan. He wasn't the nicest cherub when I left. I think he was just mad he couldn't go out with a bunch of girls for dinner and dessert ;) Besides, Ella was fast asleep and all you need to do to entertain CJ is pop in Transformers and he's good for the night. So he barely had to raise an eyebrow in the babysitting department. Before I left, I had both kids fed, changed and in their Jammie's. You can't get much simpler than that unless you're Mary Freaking Poppins.

There would be no Genie in a bottle for me for the rest of the night. I went right upstairs to my
room and fell fast asleep after I got home. I was whipped. And sadly, I didn't even buy anything at the Carter's store. My second biggest weakness (my first, remember, is Gymboree!) and I still walked out of the store with nothing in my hand. I saw this gorgeous velvet green dress that would be perfect for Ella for Christmas. But, I'm cheap. It was only 25% off. It will have to wait till it's at least 50% off for me to buy it. I mean, she will only wear it once.

CJ had gym class tonight and unexpectedly Magellan decided to grace us with his presence. See, he can be a family man once in awhile (He'll love me for that one!). Ella was unusually wound up, probably b/c daddy was there and she's walking on her own now, so she had to show everyone her new trick. She was quite impressed with herself and made sure everyone watched her. If they weren't she would screech. That's my Diva for you.

So, off to dream land I go now. After my glass of wine that is....


~aj~ said...

I am a huge dog lover too, but when they go and do crap like that it reminds me of why I'm glad we're a dog-free family right now. My in-laws dog recently brought in a dead animal, buried it in their potted plant (more like a tree) in their foyer. WEEKS went by (it miraculously never stunk) and then their entire house filled with flies. They thought they were in the midst of a plague and finally found that dead animal...covered in maggots. OH MY GOSH...the dog would have "disappeared" the next day, for sure!

I'm also not a huge fan of Greek food. Green lasagna? What's with that?! So glad you were able to follow up with some yummy crepes. Makes it all worth it!

Queenb said...

Oh AJ, that is awful! ICK!!!!