Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I am SO worn out from today! Glad it's over, the weather sucked, but I had an awesome with one of my very good friends. Both kids had a blast, and I have some pics to share with you all, but tonight is not the night.

I have my glass of wine and I'm ready to watch a scary movie and pass out.

Please pray my evil daughter does not wake up at 6am after the time change. I am quite nervous about it! I did put her bed 2 hours later than normal, so here's hoping!

Good night all! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!!

**blows kiss**


Laura said...

I completely understand the time change thing. Unfortunately, even with putting my kid to bed early I was still up at the butt crack of dawn because of the time change! Hope it was better for you. Would love to see your Halloween pics and for you to link up to my Halloween MckLinky. p.s. I found you through the blog frog...very cute layout :)