Friday, October 23, 2009

A trip down memory lane

Ella is here....This is her story!

October 17, 2008

So Friday night, I started getting contractions, which stopped Saturday morning, but started up again. Around 330p they were getting kind of strong, and were coming regularly. Randy was out with CJ, and I called to let him know how I was feeling. Around 7p I called my OB, and he told me to go in and get checked b/c I was only 36 weeks and they still wanted to err on the side of caution b/c of the previa. We dropped CJ off at my parents, and got to the hospital around 830p. The best part about the ride is Rand forgot how to get to Highland and thought the GPS I had implanted in my brain was working that night. I sure as heck didn't remember! Men, right?! They checked me there, I was 1cm, and not much else was going on. I walked around for an hour, and they checked me again and nothing else had progressed. So the triage nurse said it was false labor and sent me home w/some Tylenol with Codine to help with my pain. I have to say I felt really good after having the meds! Randy stopped to get me a big juicy burger and back home we went to rest. Well, twenty minutes after we got home, I went to use the bathroom and my water broke all over the floor! I never had this happen with CJ, so it was quite shocking to say the least. I didn't even really know what to do...I made Randy come clean it up while I stared at the floor, thinking oh my god, this is the real thing now! Back up to the hospital we went b/c I would need antibiotics b/c I hadn't had a certain test done. We finally went up to the hospital about 2am and of course the triage nurses have to reconfirm it's your water. They have 3 tests they have to do, all the while keeping you open with a huge metal speculum like a thanksgiving day turkey. Very painful in my opinion! So after a few minutes the nurses come back and tell me I passed 2 tests but not the last one. I was like, how is that possible? So the OB said that it's either discharge or urine. I told her there is no way it's either b/c I never had a problem gushing liquid every time I moved a muscle. Well, she said they had to do the test again. Great, opened me up again and it was every bit as painful as the first time, but once that crazy nurse opened me up, I gushed a ton of water and she said, Ok you're right! So they gave me an IV in my wrist, which might I add is one of the most painful things I have ever had done?! I actually had tears in my eyes. They gave me Tylenol w/Codine to help with the pain and put me in a room, hoping contractions would start since my water broke. Of course that never happened, so at 730a Sunday I got started on antibiotics, penacillian and pitocin. Absolutely nothing went on for hours. I had not one single contraction, or at least that I could feel. They were very small I guess. I sent Randy home to get some rest b/c I figured at this rate I wouldn't deliver till Monday, LOL! That was around 930a Sunday, and I just watched tv and read for a bit. Couldn't eat b/c of the pitocin though. Every 45 minutes they cranked the pitocin up, but still nothing. Randy called around noon and asked how I was doing. I said still the same, little bit of pain but not much and I was still only at 2cm and 80% effaced. No sooner did I hang up the phone, then my nurse came in and asked if I was feeling anything and I said not really. She said, "Well you're contracting every 4 minutes and they look pretty good." We laughed and I said I'd tell her if they got painful so I could get my epidural. As soon she walked out the door, they started coming every 2-3 mins and I was in more pain. I called Randy back and told him to get his behind back to the hospital b/c I was in pain. I called the nurse back in, and my regular OB checked me and I was a 3. So I asked for my epi and they upped my pitocin again, all this around 1pm I think. The epi hurt more this time than with CJ, not sure why though but it worked wonderfully! I felt good. And I could finally stop getting up every 1/2 hour to pee or lose more water. Sitting in bed w/your water broken with it just gushing out every few minutes is like slow torture. I loved the catheter because I no longer had to worry if I would make it to the bathroom! My mom called to say she would stop up on her way to work and stay as long as I wanted her to. At that point I was only at 4cm. She finally showed up around 4p and my OB checked me and I was finally at 7cm and fully effaced. An hour later I was a 10 and ready to push. Ella started having some decels with the contractions, and there was some concern about it, so my OB told me I had to push with all my might b/c we had to get her out quick. So without feeling like I breathed at all, she was out in 10 minutes and born at 516pm. She had the cord wrapped 2x around her neck and 2x around her body. But she did awesome after that. I on the other was not doing so well. I lost 750cc's of blood (almost 3x what a person loses with a normal vaginal del), and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop. They had to knead and rub my stomach for about 1/2 hour, it hurt so unbelievably bad. I had 2 dr's working on my uterus, and Randy says the entire end of the bed was filled w/blood. My OB said it's mostly from my previa, you just bleed more. They gave me a shot in the leg to help clot and luckily it did. But later that night around 7p when they moved us to a postpartum room, I wasn't doing good. I had a horrible headache, was dizzy and nauseaus and lightheaded so I couldn't even hold Ella or try feeding her at all. Randy stayed until the nursery opened around midnight b/c I couldn't do a thing with her b/c I was too weak. They gave me some stronger drugs for the pain to help me sleep and I actually slept ok. We had a ton of visitors on Monday, and Tuesday morning both Ella and I got the greenlight to go home. So far she is a dream baby. CJ was a very difficult newborn, had some colic and reflux and always had to be held. She sleeps thru everything, could care less what you do to her and only cries if she needs her diaper changed. She squeaks for everything else. She's eating like a champ now, which is good b/c she lost some weight after we left the hospital. We went to the pedi yesterday for a weight check and color check and she's pretty yellow. They drew her blood yesterday for her levels, which were at 12.7. They said for now make sure she's eating like 3oz every 3 hours and peeing a lot. We go back again for another heel prick to check her levels. If they go up, she goes back to the hospital overnight for some "tanning sessions", and then should be fine. Well, Little Miss Ella ate SO much last night, with very minimal spit up, had a ton of wet diapers and her color looks good to me. Must be she heard the nurse say she'd have to come back, get pricked and maybe go back to the hospital.

She put herself on her own schedule yesterday, eating at night around 1030p, then up at 230a to eat, and up again around 6am to eat again. It's a gift from God, she is. CJ used to wake every 1-2 hours no matter what, even if he wasn't hungry. I am so in love with her, and Randy is too! A father and daughter love is so different than father/son and I'm glad he gets to have both in life. It's amazing how sweet and lovey he is with her. CJ is over the moon, is the best helper ever and I feel with all we've been thru the last year, I have been very blessed with life. I'm very thankful for God watching over Ella and keeping her so healthy and strong!

My recovery has been amazing, I am up and moving around like normal almost and I actually feel great.