Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, I haven't done too any real updating the last few days on me and the kids. It's been one week of pure Hell basically. Well, I'm sure Hell would be much hotter and it's pretty damn cold here right now. Have I mentioned before how much I despise winter??

So, what has the Evil one been up to you ask?

Just about everything. She had 3 new teeth make their appearance this week. CJ's teeth always came in one by one, but not Miss Ella. So far she's always gotten her teeth in pairs. But for some reason, she got her third top tooth about a month ago and then BAM! A fourth top one and two more bottoms. Thankfully she really only had like 2 horrible, horrible nights. Which in my book is pretty damn good for having three rockets burst thru your gums and not have any Percocet or Vicodin! But on top of the teething she had a cold, that her wonderful big brother passed on to her. And let me just tell you it was like having a newborn again. And it is with that being said that I know I am very very very happy with the two kids I have! Friday night was just torture with Ella. She was just plain cranky and miserable all day long, not really herself. We did some shopping but she didn't make it an easy task. Luckily CJ was at school all day, however, on this particular day I was not glad that he was. Ella was just in a mood to really be with her Bubba, she was simply lost without him. You could tell she missed him and was looking for him. So I did my best to keep her occupied, but her and I can only take each other for just so long. Probably b/c we are FAR too much alike.

Friday night was the worst night Ella has had since she had Roseola in June. She had a very hard time falling asleep and Randy and I took turns rocking her and calming her down. She finally passed out from pure exhaustion only to wake every hour on the hour until about 7am. It was a difficult night. I really try and stay away from giving her a bottle or anything at night b/c I don't want her to get in the habit of snacking. I finally got her out of that habit a few months back and didn't want to back pedal. But, unfortunately I did break down and make a bottle which Ella very quickly sucked down. I'm willing to bet she's hit her 12 month growth spurt on top of all the other crap going on with her! Let me tell you, FUN TIMES!

Saturday I had a hair appt, but an hour was just not long enough for me to be away. Later that afternoon I planned a dinner out with one of my good friends and her daughter b/c I knew if I didn't get out of the house with Ella, I would drive myself insane if we stayed at home. And shockingly she was quite good. She got a bit antsy at the restaurant, but no one else really seemed to notice. I even had a group of older people (there were 2 couples) tell me that my bf's daughter and mine were the two best behaved babies they had ever seen. That made my night!

Oh and I did treat myself to a new pair of Uggs I've been dying for for the past FIVE YEARS!

But that night was not good for Ella either. She was up a lot and in obvious pain from those teeth. She napped real good at my mom's, we went for a visit Sunday, and Monday was better at night but still during the day it was not good. She was OK last night, only waking up once and I pray tonight is better. She's been happier and close to her normal self, so hopefully that means something.

Oh, somehow I forgot to mention I found a nice nickel sized boil on her fanny. Yep, a boil. Poor girl! Three teeth, a cold, and a freaking boil on her ass. I only know it's a boil b/c I called her pediatrician b/c the bump had me nervous. It's very red, swollen and looking like it's infected. So they said keep an eye on it and if it doesn't start getting smaller by Friday then she has to go in to have it looked at. So far it's looking no better, but also no worse. So we'll see what tomorrow brings us.

My sweet CJ has been doing OK. We've been having bedtime issues with him again lately. We will occasionally find him fast asleep on our floor in the morning. Turns out he will sneak into our bedroom after we've fallen asleep. He grabs his blankets, pillow and sleeps on my side of the bed, all curled up. Although it's a sweet sight to see, he really can't be doing that. So we've cracked down on it, and so far so good. The last two nights he's stayed in his bedroom all night long.

School is going real well for him. Of course he has a girlfriend, and coincidentally his girlfriend's name is Jaci. Cute, b/c his name is CJ. I am pretty sure he is the tallest one in his class, and possibly the most advanced right now. His teachers can't believe how smart he is, but he seems normal to me. He is still giving me a difficult time about wearing long sleeved shirts to school, but at least we've moved past the "short" issue. He can write his numbers and letters pretty well, every once in awhile writing some backwards, but my mom told me that's totally normal.

Randy is still staying busy. He found out he just got a contract in New Paltz. I'm happy b/c any work in the winter is awesome. In this economic period you just never know what can happen. However, it means he will be gone for most of November b/c him and the guys will have to stay overnight. Many overnights I should say. So I'll be a single mommy for much of November. Not that it's really any different than what I'm doing now since he's been so busy, but he won't be around at night. Not my idea of a fun time.

Thank God for my scary dog and ADT!