Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Santa

I've been a very, very, VERY bad girl.

Though I shopped some of the Black Friday sales, I shopped a bit too much. I just can't pass up a good bargain sometimes when I see one.

But can you spare me the coal? I know Christmas is about being thankful, but I will be very good about giving this year! Everyone I buy for is taken care of already. Well, scratch that...with the exception of two cute little nieces I have who are currently enjoying their Turkey in Florida. They will have to wait.

I couldn't resist the Black Friday sales this year at Gymboree for the kids. This is my first year...and when Magellan sees what I bought it may be my last. Thankfully, he will be workign in New Paltz when the packages arrive, LOL! But I did buy for next year! That has to count for something, right?! And CJ got a new coat which he so desperately needed, and it only cost $11 marked down from $49! That was my super find for the day. Sadly I have found that a lot of the hand me downs my good friend gave me are a little too stretched out for Ella to fit into, or have some stains that I can't get out. They are fine for play clothes or extras to keep at the Grandparents, but she really did need some new things. I emphasize some, ok??

In my defense, Ella won't have or need much of a Christmas. She has plenty of CJ's toys from when he was a baby, and honestly she's really not into girly stuff yet. She loves Elmo and Cookie Monster so that is what she's getting. A few books, play phone, play remote and whatever the Grandparents choose to buy for her. She will have more fun with the boxes and wrapping paper. Oh to be so young again!

CJ will have a good Christmas this year, Santa, thanks to my bargain finding. I am still finding presents I hid around the house that I forgot about. He sure is ONE sneaky boy and may find them before I do!

Daddy said he could really use the coal this year. Load up his stocking!!! And leave extra in his shoes.

I don't need anything. Really, keep the Coach purse and Uggs this year. I have all I could ask for. Health for me (please no repeats of last winter!), both kids have been healthy *knocking on wood*, Magellan has had steady work so far (which is better than last year at this point), no snow (sorry, I hate to drive in it Santa!), my mom still has her job at Kodak, my dad happily watches the kids and I am still able to stay at home and watch my children grow.

So, hopefully you don't get too upset when you see all the clothes I bought the last few days....


Joice & Brian said...

Lol... You are too funny!! :D
I bet Santa will not get upset with you... Sounds like you did a great job shopping with all the good deals!!

Dawn said...

You must be feeling pretty guilty... :)

~aj~ said...

I bet Santa will be thrilled. You're saving him a lot of work!