Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween follow up, time change, busy week, what else??

Yes, I am finally back to upload pics of the kids' Halloween and fill you in on that crappy thing someone invented called "The time change." Officially, I HATE IT!

Here are some pics of the kids on Halloween trick or treating with on my best friends, that I've known since high school!

As you can see from the pictures CJ is Optimus Prime, the Transformer and our sweet Ella was a ladybug. Both had an awesome time trick or treating, not that Ella got any candy or even ate any for that matter, but CJ's pumpkin head was jammed full! I've enjoyed some of his candy LOL!
So, let's just say the time change did not go over well in this house. Stupid me, I thought if I kept Ella up a bit later she would sleep just fine. Well Miss Thang had other ideas of her own. She didn't go to bed until about 830p, which is 2 hours later than normal and we had such a busy night, with tons of fresh air while we walked around. The fresh air typically does the trick for her but oh no! She was going to show me who was boss. At 515am on Sunday she was up and so NOT ready for the day. She was cranky and miserable until I put her down for a nap around 8am. Which might I add, is way too early. Her entire day was thrown off of course. She slept for an hour, was a bit more pleasant but then she passed out around noon for her afternoon nap. Once again, not a good thing b/c she doesn't usually go down til about 2pm. I was starting to feel worn out myself, seeing that I had been up with no break from Magellan since 515am. Our sump pump shit the bed and he was messing around with that all morning. Then come afternoon he HAD to watch the crappy Bills and do an estimate. I took it all in stride tho and did the best I could considering life could be worse, right? Ella just couldn't take it any longer around 6p so she took her night time bottle and passed right out. She woke up once around 930p I think and then didn't make a peep until almost 630a! So we are almost back on track. I'm super excited about that.
The time change didn't affect CJ at all, but then again, it never did, even when he was a baby. Funny b/c he's the child who still to this day hates to sleep or nap.
I fell asleep with CJ on the couch around 745p watching Madagascar 2, then crawled up the stairs at 9p to go to sleep for the night. And even tho Magellan AND CJ knew how tired I was and how long of a day it was, they still bothered me when I was trying to sleep. Never fails, it always happens that way. Mommy has to help/fix everything.
And yes, it is a busy week also. CJ has school and gym class today, I have to clean tomorrow morning for 3 hours, take Ella to get her flu shot, go to CJ's school conference Thursday night, Ella and I have a play date with her boyfriend Colin on Friday and then Magellan is making me take the kids to an H1N1 flu clinic at their pediatrician's office Saturday morning. I thought it was a silly idea at first, but EVERYONE is getting sick around us right now. I do not want either kid, particularly Ella, getting the swine flu. CJ had Rotavirus at 2 years old and spent 3 days in the hospital. A very scary time for me b/c he was so little. I would love to NOT relive anything like that with Ella. Hopefully we won't have to wait too terribly long to get the vaccine for the kids.
Next week is also a very filled week for us. I won't talk about it now. Why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah, cause it breaks up my days and makes them go by faster, that's why.
Say a prayer for Baby Stellan ( Pay a visit to the site, he's very sick right now, just had his first birthday and I would love to see him get better again.
Thanks for reading!!


Dawn said...

In case you didn't know, I've done tons of research on the H1N1 shot, ingredients, dosage etc. and Ella has to get two shots a month apart because the shots contain 2.5 times the mercury that a child should intake. I would ask for a mercury free shot, the mercury acts as a perservative and you can ask for one without.

I'm on the fence as to if I myself am going to get it. I've never had the flu shot, ever.