Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

And what a great day it was!

Turkey was good, and so was the dessert. Best part of all, the kids were fantastic! All three of them (one was my nephew!).

To start off the day right, CJ actually slept til 8am! Ella woke at 7am, which is normal for her considering she goes to sleep no later than 7p unless something is going on. I showered earlier than everyone else b/c I had a lot of stuff to get together for the kids. It's a real pain to pack for both the kids sometimes! But you have to be prepared.

My plan was to keep Ella up until we left so she could nap on the way, but who was I to think this girl to stay awake longer than 3 hours in the morning. She just couldn't and didn't want to do it. She napped, I did my hair and makeup and CJ played transformers and Daddy had to fix one of his trailers. Just what he wanted to do on a holiday I'm sure!

We finally left, a bit later than we had planned but it always seems to work out that way for us now that we have two kids. Dora kept CJ and Ella entertained the whole car ride and Ella was so excited to see her Papa, Grammy and Great Grammy. Oh, and the dog of course! She dove right into the toy box and found her ball and was happy just tossing that around for a bit. Then her cousin, Chase, showed up and that made her day. She just loves him to death! She snacked on some chips and crackers and around 2p or so (I lost track of time!), we sat down to an awesome turkey dinner. There was so much food, and I had to restrain myself! I wanted to save as much room for apple pie as possible. Gram's apple pie is the best!

Ella, unfortunately, at this point was getting sleepy. It was past her normal nap time so she was just not into the food. Weird, eh? A girl who loves to eat was just too tired to enjoy her first real Thanksgiving. She even was so tired, rather than move her hand to pick up some corn and feed herself she tried to lick it up like a dog. I wish I had had my camera with me at that moment b/c when she picked her head up she had corn stuck all over her forehead. It was very funny.

Around 3p she finally passed out and snored for 2 hours! She completely missed dessert but she didn't care. When it comes down to it, sleep is way more important to her.

The boys played WII Resorts and Super Mario Brothers and had a good time. I drank my wine and hung out. Maybe I kept to myself a bit more than usual but I was tired, and still have a lot on my mind. Magellan and I are doing a bit better I suppose but I still feel like we've drifted apart. He starts a job in New Paltz on Monday and will be gone til Thursday night and maybe the space will be good. They always say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Only time will tell.

So I hope you all had a good Turkey Day. I have a bunch of pics but am far too tired at this point to post them. So tomorrow will be the picture parade.