Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tasteless Tuesdays

So in honor of all the drama in my life, I've decided to try something new and quirky.

Thanks to my wonderful children, I have a lot of odd, yet funny stories.

Here are some courtesy of my silly Transformer:
"Mommy, if you don't let me play the fighting WII game, I'm going to transform you to the garbage can forever."

"Momma, I have this itch on my wiener, can you get it for me?"

"I was too busy dreaming to go pee last night. So I just went in my bed."

"That girl's hair is gross mommy. I don't think she ever brushes it."

"Daddy taught me how to shake the last drop of pee off my wiener so I wouldn't have to wipe or wash my hands."

"I'm healthy cause I eat grapes and pizza."

Tasteless things, courtesy of my little ladybug:
Ella has recently discovered a private part when I take her diaper off, and she likes to tickle it. She could laugh for hours when I change her diaper.

She likes to shove food down her shirt to save for later.

Ella will sometimes drop food down the sides of her high chair so when she's hungry after dinner she will walk over to it and dig thru it till she finds something she wants.

I have caught Ella digging in our garbage looking for food. And yes I have caught her before she has eaten it.

Ella loves to let our dog lick the piece of food she's holding, and then eat it afterwards.

She saw the dog lick some water that spilled on our carpet, so I saw her copy the dog. And try licking the puddle of water herself.

Hope you found these as amusing as I did!


Nicole said...

Thank you for the laugh on this ever so long feeling last day of school before a break! I was reading this while the kids were playing and one asked why I was laughing so hard. Can't wait to hang out with these little monkeys - one month!!!!!!

Patti said...

Hahahaha, laughing about Ella and her "privates". :) Emersyn has recently discovered the same thing!

Dawn said...

To stinkin' funny! They both crack me up and CJ the things that come out of his mouth. Too big for his briches. Good thing to write them down 'cause you'll never remember them forever.

Thanks for the laugh.

Queenb said...

I know, people keep telling me to write them down and I kept forgetting. But CJ comes up with the funniest things ever, so I have to start!

I just noticed that everything I wrote about Ella has to do with food....