Monday, November 30, 2009

We made it past the first day!

Aaaah, I am very slowly breathing a sigh of relief. Single motherhood isn't all that bad now, is it?

Magellan left very early this morning to go down to New Paltz (it's about 5 hours from us, near NYC) to start a new job there. Three other guys went, including Pee Wee. So, yes it's just me, the kids and the stinky animals. So far it's not as bad as I imagined. CJ is doing pretty good with listening and being good and Ella, well, she really hasn't a clue as to what's going on but she still had a pretty good day.

I was pretty nervous about having to drag her to CJ's gym class since she's usually all over the place and hard to keep from getting whiny since his class is from 630-730p, and we all know her bedtime is around 630p. But, today was the exception. She was so unbelievably good. I don't know where my Evil One went, but the angel popped by for a visit for an hour. She played with some of the other young toddlers and listened when I said "no" and shared very nicely. Which meant I got to enjoy watching CJ, well, some of the time. He did awesome as usual. When it really comes down to it, he has no fear of some of the things his teachers ask him to do. Tonight he did a forward roll on the balance beam and walked backwards on it as well. And when he did his jump off the beam and landed, he landed with the biggest smile ever b/c he knew I was watching him. Such a big boy! Can you believe the stinker is almost 5?

Man, I am getting old.

So, I'm hoping b/c Ella went to bed later than normal she will sleep in a bit. I was supposed to work tomorrow, but the woman I clean for is sick and in the hospital. It's a bit scary b/c she's a much older woman so I hope she's ok and can get out and back home real soon.

And I think we're supposed to get snow tomorrow!


And my garage isn't even cleaned out for me to park. I asked Magellan to please find time to clean it before he left and he just didn't have any spare time. Really, I can defend him on this one. He was far too busy all weekend long working on his truck, trailer, the lift and bobcat and packing to worry about such a silly thing. It still sucks either way, b/c that means if I venture out tomorrow I will have to break out the snow brush *shudders*.

So, Magellan will be home Thursday night hopefully, but then sadly, he will have to leave again Sunday night to go back to New Paltz. This will be the norm until the building is done, hopefully in six weeks. There's even talk of a job in Connecticut and/or one of the Carolina's. I don't think I'm liking this traveling husband sort of thing.

I guess that's about it. No other updates. No word on my bio dad, seems him and my wicked witch of the west aunt have fallen off the face of the earth.

And that's just fine with me.


~aj~ said...

I am soooo not cut out of the single parenting gig. I don't know how my own single parent did it. Hope these next 6 weeks go by VERY quickly!!!