Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ella and Colin sittin' in a tree....

Yup, I've gone and married my sweet, evil daughter off!

I believe in arranged marriages, LOL! Not really, but this one was just meant to be.

My good friend, Emily, and I grew up together. I met her when I first moved to the 'burbs from the country. I was 10....I won't even say how many years it's been, but it's been a lot. We lost touch for a few years, you know those crazy busy college years and such, but found each other on Facebook. I couldn't have been more excited because I love my Emily. We laugh so much when we're together and it's like we never missed a beat. And her son is just the cutest, funniest guy ever!! He makes me pee my pants every time we hang out. Oh, and he adores Ella. The way they interact just melts my heart. Ella would pick up one of her many balls and try to sprint over to Colin to share with him. They even share snacks, and toothbrushes! It was meant to be!

Ella and Colin first met when they were about 8 months old, I believe. I'm thinking it was right about the time Ella came down with Roseola and I can remember thinking that Emily would never want us over again, what with Ella being so sick and miserable and I happened to have CJ with me that day too. You all know how it is with a kid in a new place. He got into literally everything and kept wanting to have a tour of Emily's house. It was rather obnoxious to be perfectly honest.

But, such was not the case. We try to get together at least once a month, and the kids never miss a beat. They open right up to each other and it's so cute watching them interact with each other as they get older. I love it, it's almost like having twins but without all the work. Ella and Colin even have birthdays very close together. Ella's is 10/12, and Colin's is 10/30 (I hope that's right...I know it's very close to Halloween!).

So enjoy the photos from our recent playdate. They are adorable!

The toothbrush photo!

Colin was still a little shy here, but at least he's half faking a smile for me!

Em getting down and dirty with the couple!
Ella ripped her cute ponytail out and was clapping for herself!

Colin dancing to the music table.

Still playing with the music table....

Playing with CJ's cars...ssshh don't tell CJ!
Checking out the tow truck while Ella was getting into the WII.

*I happen to love this pic (the one above). They are so in sync they even color coordinate, both wearing a different shade of green for their date!!!

Playing ball.

Em playing with Ella's sunglasses....Ella thought it was great!

Colin playing with the balls again....these are a hit at this age.