Friday, December 4, 2009

So Far So Good

I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and say that for now the time away between Magellan and I helped. We had a nice heart to heart while he was gone and talked about a lot of our issues and for the first time in a long time it seems Magellan is open to change and helping out. When he can of course. It's going to be hard while he's busy doing the building in New Paltz but he actually got home way earlier than expected Thursday night and spent hours with me and the kids. And of course they ate it right up!

He was also kind enough to let my dad leave early today while watching Ella. I was cleaning in Mendon today and Magellan knew it would be kind of a late afternoon. Plus I had my monthly waxing appt. But, he sucked it up and hung with Ella and put her down for a nap. And even played with her for a bit after she got up, even though he had stuff to do. I'm proud of him to say the least. It's nice to see him interact with the kids, especially Ella b/c she so rarely gets to spend time with him b/c she goes to bed at 630p.

I was telling Magellan tonight that I had to update my blog....he says, "Oh, I have a good topic for you." Naturally, I rolled my eyes b/c I knew exactly what he was about to suggest. "You should write about what a good hubby I am."

So here I am...writing about how well behaved he's been. It's almost like dog obedience school for him. Haha, I kind of like how that sounded. I bet he won't.

I told him it would be nice to know his changes were going to be permanent before I blog about it, you know, just in case I jinx it. But here I am....updating you all. I've been much happier to say the least. And then he has to go and leave again...Monday morning to be exact, to go back to New Paltz.

*Sigh* Back to single mommy hood I suppose. At least next week is busy for me. I work two days next week, Ella has her consultation with the plastic surgeon and her last flu shot, and to round the week off right, we're going to my good friends daughter's second birthday party. I'm excited about that, I'm hoping Magellan will go. *hint, hint*

Tomorrow Magellan and I have a wedding to go to. I've never been to a wedding in the winter. And I'm actually super excited about it even though I won't know but like 10 people, if that even. I bought a new, pretty dress and can't wait to wear it, but the best part is I am FINALLY getting my hair colored! If you remember back to my post about my last appt in September, I have been waiting a long time to get it done. It SO needs it. I'll get Magellan to take some pics of it when all is said and done.

Oh, and the best part about my weekend is......the kids are having an overnight with Magellan's mom and step dad. How nice of them to watch the kids, especially overnight, while we go to the wedding. I'm psyched but I hope Ella sleeps well for them. CJ always does but you know Ella still has her moments where she wakes up at night and wants milk. Last night she was up 3x, but I'm going to guess she had a pretty good reason. The reason is molars. And no, the other 3 have still not broken thru the gums. UGH! I hate teething!!

So I suppose that's it. Well, actually I do have one more tid bit of into for you.

My older brother called me today to say that he talked my wicked witch of the west aunt. My biodad had skin graft surgery Tuesday for his cancer. They did a full body scan I guess and the cancer has not spread to his jaw bone like they had originally thought, it is only in his gums and skin in his mouth. So, they took some skin from his arm and grafted it to his gum/cheeks, and then took some skin from his leg and grafted that to fix his arm. He apparently has a hole in his throat (my brother didn't explain that to much to me, so I don't know if they did a trach on him or not). He also has staples from his ear down his neck from them opening him up to check the bone I think. So the lucky bastard will probably live another 20 years and continue to torture people.

At this point, I'm just glad I listened to my gut instinct and did not go see him. I have a feeling that if I had seen him b/c he thought he was dying, he would've done an entire 360 once he found out he was going to be alright. I'm sure he would've just went back to his old ways of being a spineless, abusing jerk.

I'm happy with my decision, but kind of pissed off at God for letting him defeat death.