Monday, December 28, 2009

This bites

I have never typed so slow in my life, and now I have to pick and peck. HATE THAT!

I hate leaving you all out of the loop and not being able to make you laugh. Bu only two more weeks of scaphoid hell.

Our Christmas was great, busy, but so much fun at the same time. Ella was such a good girl considering all the excitement and late nights she had. She's been sleeping like shit anyways so quite honestly it just couldn't get much worse! But, CJ loved everything he got, and as usual he was spoiled rotten by everyone around him. Ella got some really fun things. Two of her faves so far are her Elmo purse (which is to DIE for!), and herpink monster truck. She just loves her monster trucks. She has 5 or 6 now I think.

I got a laptop from Magellan. I've been asking for one for almost a year because Magellan is ALWAYS on the computer at home for work and it drove me crazy to not be able to check my email and facebook every day. I'm absolutely addicted to both, LOL! Anyway, it was an awesome gift and the only thing I got, natch.

So tomorrow is D Day in my house. It's my 30th birthday *gasp*! I am so NOT looking forward to it. I mean, turning 25 was bad enough, but 30! YIKES! Sadly, Magellan is out of town for work, but my mom is taking me out to breakfast, and then going to see this HUGE Barbie exhibit at our local museum. I can't wait b/c they have all the old Barbie's and stuff and that should be neat to see. Then my wonderful sissy in law is coming over later that day to make me a cake and dinner. She is a fantastic cook!! I am excited to see what she comes up with. Then maybe Wednesday night my good friend since high school wants to treat me to Red Lobster. Can you say YYUUUMMM???? Then I'm sure Magellan and I will do dinner or a movie or something this weekend after he comes home from New Paltz.

So that's all I can stand typing. My wrist is killing me. Hopefully there aren't too many typos or misspellings!!