Friday, February 26, 2010

After the Drought!

It usually pours, right?! Well that's how it is lately in my life. I have had ZERO time to do anything besides taking care of a sick house, including myself.

So, the last time I posted was 2/17 I think, and now it's almost ten days later. I'm horrible, what is wrong with me, lol? You would almost think I have a life. But I don't! So in that time span, a ton has gone on. CJ and Ella had a ton of playdates during President's week since CJ and his friends didn't have school. It was fun, that was until CJ got very sick. And then me, then Magellan and lastly Ella.

I blogged about poor CJ being sick, and his sickness lasted almost 2 weeks. Totally normal for him b/c all the viruses go right to his lungs and he coughs FOREVER! I don't remember if I told you all I got sick too, but it was rough. Especially with Magellan being sick, neither one of us wanted to do much, couldn't do much, but when you're parents it doesn't matter. It was a very rough week. Everyone in this house was miserable, and Ella's bottom molars have finally cut through so needless to say, it was a rough week on top of her being sick too! I couldn't seem to shake the darn cold either, and it made ever bone in my body ache. I had my MRI on Thursday the 18th I believe, and that was pretty weird. It was quite uncomfortable for my hand to say the least b/c it has to be put in this weird contraption and held very still for 45 mins. Not to mention the machine was very loud, beeping every few mintues as it took pictures. The techs give you headphones that play music, but it really negates itself as you can't hear any music over the sound of the damn machine. Even with all that being said, I'm pretty sure I was so tired I drifted off from lack of sleep at night. My sinuses get so clogged at night it is impossible to sleep. Magellan also had coughing fits every night right around 1am so that woke me up and made it hard to sleep. Plus he's so damn stubborn and won't take any nighttime meds. It's like he'd rather make everyone else, plus himself, suffer thru a sickness. Not fun usually.

But, back to my wrist...I won't know any results until my follow up appointment at the hand dr next Wednesday. My wrist is much better this week, but the last two weeks it was pretty sore. I'm hoping and praying that I get the good news all is healed and it was just bruised real bad. I'll keep ya posted, or try to anyways!

I'm finally on the road to feeling better. Actually I have to start feeling better or I don't get my surgery next Friday.

Yes, that is my big news I hard warned you all about last week!! I am getting a boob job! Yes, indeed I am, no joke. I've wanted it for a very long time, I'm not as big as I would like, and this will make me feel better about myself, especially as I get older. Surgery should be about 2 hours, I will be at the surgery center for about 3-4 hours according to my plastic surgeon. He's also going to remove some moles I have which I am very psyched about! I have a few on my chest that tend to itch and then I forget they are moles and I itch the heck out of them. I'm a bit nervous about the pain and recovery, but my gf just had one done and said it was better than she expected. So crossing my fingers I can handle it all! I am beyond excited!! Can't wait to have new girls! Bigger girls actually! Not that I will look anything like Pam Anderson or Dolly Parton, but it will be bigger than what I am. Probably a D, and I'm a bit smaller than that.

Ella has added 3 new words to her vocabulary this week! Cracker, stop, and clap. She has also learned a new sign, the sign for jump! She is doing fantastic, and growing like a weed. She has officially transitioned to 18-24 month clothing and even some 2T's. WOW, where did the time go? She still insists on doing everything herself, and has the worst temper I have ever witnessed in my life. She goes from 0 to 60 in literally and honestly 2 seconds!! She has no patience, and wants everything done her way, and right now it's quite comical to watch her throw a very dramatic temper tantrum. I just laugh and walk away. When I do that she usually starts stomping her feet which is even cuter coming from a pint sized ball of fire. She is a big ham, and so friendly, but still every bit the brute she always was. She is the most fearless in her gym class, and I caught her charging this little girl in class the other day. Just like a linebacker, LOL! Not to be mean, she was just trying to play with the girl, but she scared the daylights out of the other child! The other girl ran screaming to her mom, and my Miss Thang just threw her head back and laughed. How embarrassing for me! She's been very clingy lately, not sure if that's just b/c of her being sick and now she realizes she may just like being snuggly. She is still in love with Elmo, and her infatuation gets bigger every day!

I have recently added a new store to my preference for where I shop for Ella. My newest obsession is Janie and Jack. They have some of the cutest outfits, yet some of the most horrific. It's weird. One line I will absolutely be in love with (like the Ladybug one of course) and other's I just cringe and can't believe people buy that stuff. And it's super expensive. Nothing gets bought unless it is at least on it's 2nd or 3rd markdown and I have a coupon. Which is hard to come by these days. Mostly, Ella gets her Janie and Jack outfits from my best friend. Her daughter is exactly a year older than Ella and also born in the cold season so it works out perfect. She is my stylish baby girl, what can I say! Oh, and Ella is totally into beautifying herself lately too. If she sees me put makeup on, she needs some. If she sees me doing my hair, she needs to have her done too! If I put on my deodarent or chapstick, she does the same. It is quite comical seeing a 16 month old try to put deodarent on too! I also love it when she puts chapstick on Elmo, as long as it isn't mine!

So, I guess that's about enough excitement for one week!

Next week is a big week, it's my follow up appt for my hand and my boob job surgery. I can't wait for that b/c Magellan is on his own the entire weekend with the kids. Obviously no help from me, but no help from anyone else. He's really gonna get a dose of reality!


sheree said...

woohoo for new boobies! I am DEFINITELY going to get a breast augmentation once I am done popping out babies. I am jealous!

Secondly, I love love LOVE Janie and Jack. I would say Gabby's closet is about 95% J&J. I agree that some of the suff is just reminds me of something you would see on a porcelain doll (like fur coats...really?)