Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a drastic change

I really thought this week would go pretty smooth, but boy was I very wrong.

Starting with Sunday, it was a pretty good day. We had my niece's bday party to go to, and naturally I forgot my camera, so there are zero photos from the craziness! It was so fun to see Ella interact with all the little kids. There was this adorable, little two year old there and how funny it was that Ella was towering over her. It gives new meaning to my "little Giant". And although Ella did NOT nap, she was very good. So well behaved I could not believe it. Naturally she had a field day with all the food and snacks too! She gobbled up the pizza and cake, she had to have eaten more than me! We left around 4p and she left with a very full tummy. We had to stop at Walmart and get a few things and Ella sure got spoiled by Daddy! He carried her around the entire time, and loved every minute of it. I NEVER do that, I don't have the time, energy and she never stays still. But Daddy didn't do much but walk around and Ella loved it!

Monday was back to school for CJ. He had a good day and a good night, but around 4am he came into my bedroom crying b/c his throat hurt so bad. CJ is usually pretty good when he's sick, pretty mellow and doesn't complain much, but when he cries I know it's bad. I took his temperature and it was 103, so I gave him some meds for his cough and fever. I snuggled with him for a bit in his bed, but Mommy still had to get some sleep.

Tuesday morning was not much better for CJ. He was coughing up half a lung, and he sounded pretty awful. For those that don't know, CJ's sicknesses are always much worse than what the average person experiences because of his allergies and asthma. Some of you may remember this is why it was a PRIORITY to get the H1N1 vaccine for CJ, and the flu shot too. I can't take chances with him as any cold he gets immediately goes to his lungs and can do damage. I get pretty ticked off when people (ADULTS) go out with nasty colds or the flu and don't care that they spread their germs. I understand that a cold is a cold and it's just something to deal with in the colder weather, but I try to keep CJ as clean and healthy as possible, but something as simple as a cold kicks his butt pretty good. He did go to dance class, and did well and had fun but he passed out when he got home.

Wednesday morning he stayed home from school. He still had a very high fever, so I had to take him to my dad's with Ella as I had my doctor's appt at 11am. What a headache that was...the dr's appt I mean.

Parking is always a distaster at the freaking hospital. I never seem to find a spot and end up walking a mile to where I need to be. I got right in and had my cast cut off, and boy was it weird actually having my arm hit the air. But, my arm was gross! It was all dry and peeling. Thank God for the lotion in the office! I had a bunch more xrays done, and to be completely honest, my wrist felt pretty good. Of course, it was sore b/c I hadn't been able to move it in 7 weeks, but I was really feeling good about the xray results.


My hand dr said he still saw the line on the bone, which could mean two things:
A) The fracture is taking it's sweet ass time to heal (totally common for the scaphoid bone)
B) It is just a very bad bruise at this point.

Either way, I have to have an MRI done next week. This gets a much more in depth view of the break and my dr will be able to determine if it is indeed just a bruise at this point or a fracture. If it is a fracture, I get another cast for probably 3-4 weeks. He did assure me that the bones are not displaced (meaning they are still within 1 mm of each other), so no surgery would be needed to place a screw in the bone. Thank goodness for that! I did have to have a splint made for my arm, and I was instructed to wear that just as if it were a cast. My dr doesn't even want me to take it off to shower, how annoying is that. Soooooo.....I am not wearing my splint. I did have it on for awhile, but it gave me a yucky rash and rubbed up against my wrist bone really bad it cut the skin. I think the therapist who made the splint made it way too tight and it hurts. Yes, I am bad and stubborn but I have strong faith that my fracture is healed by now.

CJ skipped Gym class last night b/c was doing pretty bad. Well, later that night he wasn't doing too good. I had gone shopping when CJ decided he was too sick to go class, so I left Magellan with baby sitting duties and I got out of the house for a few hours. About 815p, Magellan called to say CJ had woken up from his nap and wasn't doing too good. Like his fever was back up to 103 and he wasn't really acting right. Now, let's remember this is coming from Magellan who way over exaggerates everything! So, I rush home all worried, only to find CJ just as crazy as ever! Magellan swears CJ was really groggy and glassy eyed, but I think he just wanted me home to take care of the sick kid. Oh well!

Today is a quiet day around the house. No one slept well, even Magellan! CJ was having a hard time sleeping with his coughing, and Ella decided at 4am she was going to serenade us all. I'm not quite sure what she was singing, maybe just working on her words, but for an entire HOUR AND A HALF she sang at the top of her lungs. Then got pissed when no one came to her room so she started screaming bloody murder and yelling "MOM!" I gave her some milk and rocked her, but I was exhausted. I told her night night and she did lay down with a little bit of fuss, but not much. Sadly, the next round of sleep I got was very short lived as CJ came and woke me up at 7am to show me how he made his bed all by himself. Of course I had to go look, he was just so darn excited! But I did attempt to crawl back into bed. CJ goes downstairs by himself most mornings now, which he did today. At about 830a Ella woke up, so it was time for me to get up.

Needless to say, I am very tired and worn out, hopefully I get a nap in today. I even forgot to get something out for dinner. I have NO clue what to make, maybe we will just get pizza! I really don't feel like cooking.

Oh, and next week I have a little secret to share with you all!! Stay tuned!