Sunday, March 28, 2010

Elmo Live!

We actually ventured out of the house yesterday, which is rare for us to do, as a family. Here are the photos from our evening, seeing Elmo Live on stage. Enjoy!
Miss Ella, excited and ready to go!

At the show before it started!

Ella and Daddy sitting together, before the show started.

The show started and was a bit loud for CJ. He's the uber sensitive one!

Ella wanting a better look at Elmo on stage.

Elmo came to the end of the stage, and Ella wanted him to pick her up, lol.


Elmo and Cookie Monster, Ella's two favorite characters!

Oscar and his girlfriend

Daddy letting Miss Ella stand on the bars in front of the stage.

The two of the goofiest kids you will ever meet!

Daddy and Ella watching Elmo again together! Amazingly enough, this is how Ella was the ENTIRE show!!

Had to take a picture of the Ladybugs!!