Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasteless Tuesdays

Yep, it IS Tuesday. I don't know that I have anything tasteless today, but here is a sort of tasteless yet funny thing for the day.

So, most of you know us New Yorker's got hit with a ton of snow over the weekend. I mean, really HIT with snow. I haven't seen this much in quite awhile. Anyway, Star had to go out Saturday morning when we all woke up and I usually let her out the front door to do her business b/c then I don't have to struggle with taking down our 800 gates to keep Ella from getting into things. Well, we had so much snow, Star refused to walk down the front porch steps and she proceeded to pee on the front porch. Yes, my dog is THE biggest baby there is! I thought it was hysterical, so I almost peed my pants laughing. Then a bit later she had to go again, and I let her out the back door b/c Ella was in bed napping. Well, again, we had so much snow that when Star tried to go poo, the poo couldn't drop to the ground. The snow was already up to her fanny, and her feet kind of sunk down a bit in the snow so just her butt was showing, as she dropped her poo onto the snow. Now that was funny. I called Magellan over just to watch her go poo. I know, I'm gross, but being a person who didn't grow up with dogs, I had never seen such a sight.

Needless to say, Magellan didn't find it funny that Star peed on the front porch....