Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leave me alone

Just kidding...

Well sort of I am...

I know it's been almost a month that I haven't blogged. Obviously y'all miss me or something, I miss you too. I wish I had something to write about, or had the energy or motivation to write. But sadly, these days I don't. I attribute it to the shitty weather that puts me in a funk, and the fact that I have had migraine after migraine, and all I do is watch the kids, and when they go to bed, I go to bed. Its been tough to say the least. But here are some updates I'm sure you've all been waiting for:

1. I had another appt with my hand dr, sometime in the beginning of April. My days all mesh together lately. I had been having pain again in my wrist and in my middle finger, that's called "trigger finger". I've already had two cortisone shots for it, so I didn't really think there was much the dr could do. Well, to my surprise he wanted to try one last shot and go from there. I also got a pretty little cortisone shot in my wrist too. Both hurt like hell, not gonna lie. And the comfort has been short lived. I still have my good days but also the bad days are back. Next step from here is surgery. At least for my trigger finger. It's a short 10 minute surgery, but still not looking forward to that. Next step for my wrist could be another shot and if that still doesn't help then they cut my wrist open, put a scope in to check the tendons out, and possibly cut off damaged tissue or scarred tissue. Sounds fun right? I should know more at my next check up which is next week.

2. Ella currently has both of her bottom incisors in! YAY!! 'Bout time, dammit. She's been working on those for at least a month now. She is back to sleeping semi good. Still 12 hours, but just recently started waking at 11p and 2am. Not good habits to get into, and she cries for someone, she isn't just waking and talking to herself. So, I've been letting her CIO, and so far so good. Well, for some of the nights. Last night was the first night she didn't wake up and cry. All she really wants is some milk, but I don't want her making that a habit either. She gets a sippy cup of water in her bed, but I guess that just isn't good enough sometimes.

3. Ella had her 18 month check up on April 12th. She's still a horse, can you freaking believe it?? I can't. I don't get it. She is 24lbs, in the 50th percentile, and is 33" tall! She's in the 85th percentile for that. I just keep looking back to CJ's baby book and his stats at 18 months was 21.12lbs and 33" tall. For a boy he was obviously very skinny and average height. Ella is almost out of all of her 18-24m clothes. I was just noticing that half the pants she owns no longer have any "slack" in them. They were a bit baggy but not anymore. And I've come to notice that Ella also has a very long torso. Where that comes from I will never know. She is still every bit a tomboy, she loves playing cars and dinosaurs, but loves dressing up in dresses and having her hair down. Oh and she is a true shoe hound now! She obsesses over her shoes, and if I don't let her pick them out for the day she has a tremendous temper tantrum! Sure takes after her mama in the shoe department.

3. CJ has about 2 months left of preschool. He recently had some testing done to see what he's learned through out the year and he is doing excellent. Out of 100 questions he only got 2 wrong, I could hardly believe it! They consider him to be in a 6-7 year old level, which is amazing. Can't believe how smart and old my baby is getting! So sad to think he will start Kindergarten in a few short months!

4. I am now the proud owner of a mini van. Yup, traded in the Explorer and got Chrysler Town and Country. I love it. It's awesome, has a ton of room in it, and the kids still have a DVD player in it. I think they like it even better b/c of where it's placed in the van. I just like the fact that the doors are automatic and slide. No more dings into someone else's door, courtesy of CJ. And no more assholes making it virtually impossible to get Ella into the Explorer b/c of the big bulky doors they had, which happened all the time b/c half the world can't park or stay in the lines! I highly suggest the Chrysler for anyone with more than one kid. I can actually put two diaper bags in the car and not have it look jam packed!! I also think the kids like it better b/c the windows are wider and longer and they can see out of them better. Ella still gets excited every time we pass a car or she sees a dog in someone's yard, even tho we've now had the van for almost a month!

5. I traded in my old wedding set for a new set, which most of you know via facebook. You've seen the pics. I'm still very happy with it! The only thing I still can't get used to is how big it is. My old set was very pretty and different but this one is more Karats. Randy actually chose this set, if you can believe that. I had a very pretty set all picked out, and Randy says to the sales girl, "Oh let me see that one. I hadn't noticed that one over there yet." First thing I said was, "Oh it's gonna look weird cause it's so big!" But it looks great with the wedding bands I picked out. I do two, one on the bottom and one on top. My old set had the diamond wedding band, and the top band was my birthstone, blue topaz. This one is just diamonds on both bands. I also switched to white gold, previously I had gold. I kind of like it better, I guess b/c it stands out more. But the most important part is I have a lifetime warranty on the diamonds. My previous set we got from a place that ended up going out of business a few years back, so of course if I happened to damage my set or lose a diamond we would've had to pay outright for it. And you all diamonds are pricey! So, it was a win-win I suppose. Leave it to Randy to HAVE to have the big and the best. But he did pick a good set tho!

6. I recently went to my normal dr for my migraines. They are getting worse and are coming at other times of the month than just when I get my period. It hasn't been fun. Not only was I out of medicine, but I hated the way my current meds were making me feel. It would make me super groggy, and then a few hours later would make me bounce off the walls, also making it impossible to sleep. So we talked about a few options, the first being that my dr put me on a prednisone, have no clue what it's called, which I am now taking 2x a day every day for a week, hoping to ward off the frequent tension headaches I get. Then we are trying Imitrex for when I do get migraines. The dr also said I had some very sore, tender pressure points that can cause inflammation in my neck and that contributes to migraines so he suggested PT and possibly cortisone shots in those spots. Not crazy about getting a shot in my neck or shoulder to be honest with you, makes me nervous too about the spots it would go in. So hopefully that's a last resort.

Well, I guess that's about it! I'll try and be more diligent about updates and pictures!! Sorry!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Five Question Friday

So, it's about that time, to learn a little bit more about me, as if you didn't already know enough, right??

Thanks to Mama M at www.fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com, you get to read my responses to some interesting questions.

Here we go!

1. Do you sing out loud in the car when you're driving?
Yes I do! Every chance I get. Sometimes I even tell the kids to be quiet so I can sing in peace and quiet.

2. What would you never be caught doing?
I'm not sure about this one....picking my nose I guess.

3. Will you go #2 in a public restroom?
If I absolutely couldn't hold yet, yes I would. Otherwise, I do my best to hold it and go in my own bathroom. It kind of freaks me out to go #2 elsewhere.

4. Have you ever broken a bone?
Now you ALL should know the answer to this one. For those that don't...yes I have. Just this past December I broke a small bone in my wrist, but it's one that has a tendency to take forever to heal, cause years of pain and possibly cause you to get early arthritis. Good times, eh?

5. Do you prefer cooking or baking?
Much prefer cooking. I'm pretty creative when it comes to cooking and not afraid to try new things. But I can't even bake brownies out of a box the right way, so I'll stick to cooking.