Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me and a Princess

CJ is off at the lake with my in laws for the rest of the week. He left yesterday morning with his sweet Aunt Nicole who is visiting from Colorado for a week. Its a welcome break, but really good for him to get some family time in. I know him and I get sick of each other sometimes, though we would never admit it, LOL!

So it's just me and Ella until tomorrow afternoon. We'll be going down to the lake and spending the night to see Aunt Nicole before she leaves Saturday morning. We have some errands to run and then I MUST go to the gym. I skipped yesterday, just had way too much to do. I got my cavaties filled, it was an ok experience. I only needed novacaine on one side, the dr had to do a lot of drilling and I opted to not feel it this time. I didn't need any local or anything on the other side b/c the spot was so small....and of course I survived. I figured I could handle it after having 6 cortisone shots in my wrist, a broken wrist, a certain operation and other small problems! I'm a wreck I must say.

Magellan keeps saying in his next life he's going to do a health background check BEFORE he gets married....only b/c I'm a freak of nature. Anything that could possibly go wrong usually does with me. And speaking of going wrong.....I'm having an issue with one of the girls. For those of you who remember about my surgery a few months back. I'll be going back to see my surgeon in the next few weeks and maybe I will have more information for you all. Until then, stay tuned!

So as the days get closer to CJ going off to Kindergarten, I get a bit misty eyed. He is super excited, but boy I'm going to miss that kid and miss seeing how he interacts with the kids. Now I know how my mom always felt that first day I walked up the bus bittersweet. I know he'll do fine, I just can't help but miss our time together and his time with Ella. That girl is going to miss the heck out of her brother!

CJ currently has another VERY loose tooth. It may even be out before he goes to school! Then he really will be the toothless wonder. Ella can now put her shoes on by herself and does a lot of dressing herself these days. She has just started sitting super good for books. She will sit on your lap while you read at LEAST three or four books. She just loves it. But the books must be about Elmo or Thomas or she won't last. That's all she's interested in.

So that's enough of playing catch up! More tomorrow for 5 question Friday!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally, it's out!

CJ has been working on his first tooth for what seems like months! And finally the darn thing basically fell out Friday morning. He likes to gross me out by moving it around with his tongue every morning, and this morning he pushed on it with his tongue and it was hanging by like one root! Let me tell, it made my stomach turn. If there is one thing I hate, it's loose teeth. I don't like looking at them, and even at a young age, I HATED pulling them out. I just don't like it and never will.
Anyway, I told CJ to please pull it out, give it a little yank or he would swallow it and the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to give him money. Then he got all nervous when he saw how really close it was to coming out. He gave it a little wiggle and spit it out. And had just a small amount of blood which was a good thing, because he probably would've freaked out had he seen more blood.
So, for all of you photo lover's, here it is!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughts for you to ponder

Five Questions Friday (even tho it's not Friday, I'll be too busy to remember):

1. Have you ever visited a foreign country?
Sure have. Quite a few in fact....been to Mexico, Canada (when you live as close to it as I do, who hasn't?!), St Lucia, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico (in the airport)

2. Where is the strangest place you have ever been?
This is tough, cause I really don't have a clue. The most recent I can remember would have to be at the racetrack when I took a roadtrip with Magellan and his brother, who races Legends cars. He raced in Lancaster, and man were those SOME interesting folk down there....almost like a different country. Kind of creepy.

3. What is your favorite season?
Summer hands down! I love the warmer weather and all the things you can do. I love to swim, go on my in laws boat, water ski, go tubing, wear less clothing b/c I tend to sweat a bit more than normal people, and I can dress Ella in cute little dresses too!

4. What one song will always cheer you up?
Any Justin Bieber song...sorry I'm a sucker for those high notes and cheesy pop songs!

5. What Disney character do you resemble most?
Well, I guess if I had to pick I'd say Sleeping Beauty b/c I'm blonde with blue eyes and she sleeps for a long time, and I love to sleep. It's probably my favorite past time and I never get enough of it these days! Plus I love to dance!!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesdays Tidbits

Thought I'd let you all know what my two crazy kids are up to these days. Because we all know they are crazy and sure keep me busy!!
CJ had his very first visit to the dentist office last week. Yes, I put it off for a few years because of how nasty he can get when anybody gets near him. I still have to cut the child's hair at home b/c he cries when anyone attempts to cut his hair. Surprisingly he did very well. He loved every minute of it, so I've come to the conclusion that he's not my kid. I absolutely hate the dentist, I'm lucky if I get the nerve to go once every 2 years. Not that I don't have an awesome dentist, I have a great one. I mean he's gotta be a saint if he can impress CJ enough to want to see the dentist every day, right?! But, I just have very sensitive teeth and gums and it's always so tortorous for me. So CJ will go back in 6 months, and I'll go back next week to get TWO cavaties filled. That's right folks, although I brush my teeth every day and floss twice a day I still managed to have two very small cavaties. CJ had none, thank god. I'd rather have them than him though.
Ella is finally starting to say more words. Still waiting for her to put two words together though. Occasionally she will, but for the most part she's so darn stubborn she doesn't want you telling her to do ANYthing!!! She can gallop now and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. It's like watching a horse try to skip!! I love it.
CJ starts Kindergarten in about 3 weeks. I can hardly believe it. I'm excited for this new journey for him, but sad at the same time. My baby is growing up and it's almost like he won't need me as much because he'll be gone all day long now.
Ella is currently obsessed with the library and thankfully she has learned to be quiet there as well now. Before she would be so excited she would just shriek and we would have to leave. Now she loves to choose Thomas the Train books and movies.
She is also starting to show some interest in the potty but never wants to sit long enough to actually go. I'm thinking I'll bring the little potty up later this week, wash it out and put it in the bathroom and see if that sparks more of an interest. She's going to be tough to potty train b/c she hates to have her diaper changed. She'd sit in a poopy diaper all day long if she could, it really just doesn't bother her and she's always been that way.
That's it for now!!! More to come.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Full of it

I have decided that in blog world I should win the record for how long I can ignore my blog. I really did have a lot to say, I just didn't feel like saying it I guess. I've been more into spending time with the crazy kids, working out, getting some girl time in also, and trying to have date night once a week with Magellan. It sort of works out I guess. It's harder in the summer though with his massive work schedule.

So, to do some real quick updates, I am officially signed up for my college classes that will start in September. So not only will I have a Kindergartner but I will also be an almost full time student. I've decided to pile on the workload and take 1o credit hours, just 2 shy of what is considered full time. Why you ask am I so crazy? Probably b/c I want to be able to get done with school as quickly as possible. I don't want to be an old student forever, LOL! It's just not me.

Ella is now almost 22 months, can you freaking believe it?? I can't. She has grown up way too fast. She is amazingly strong and pretty advanced in the motor department. She can already do somersaults, spin in circles, pull herself up on the uneven bars in her gym class, jump down 3 steps, jump off of both feet, gallop, swim by herself with floaties, jump in the pool, loves to jetski and tube, and is basically a crazy, busy girl. She is still an awesome sleeper unless she's teething or sick, and is an absolute Daddy's girl! She just loves him to death, it's the cutest thing ever.

CJ is doing very well. He had his first visit to the dentist today and loved every minute of it. He even asked me when he could go back, the silly kid. He didn't even cry or get nervous at all. He had no cavaties, and basically surprised the heck out of me for being so darn grown up! He has two loose teeth now, and one of them should fall out any day now. He is still the goofiest little boy and loves to make us laugh, and is really beginning to enjoy Ella as she gets more playful. They are very cute together. Wait to see the photos I took of them! I will DEF share tomorrow, for Wordless Wednesdays. CJ has made great strides in the swim department. He can swim wihtout floaties now, jumps in the pool by himself, jumps off the diving board and loves to do cannonballs. He is much more sure of himself when he's in the water, it's amazing. He is currently taking Karate and is one of the star pupils. He really enjoys that.

Pee Wee has finally moved out of our garage. He moved in with some buddies of his. It will be a bit quieter around here now, LOL!

Magellan is busy as ever, and still getting a lot of calls for buildings, which is awesome. Hopefully we'll have another winter like last year; enough work to get us thru the slow season. Especially with me being in school now, we have an extra bill to pay. Joy! But the end result will be well worth it.

What am I going to school for you ask? A nurse, eventually I hope to get my RN, but the school I will be going to will help prepare me for my LPN. After I get that I will have to continue on if I choose to a 4 year school to get my RN. After all is said and done I really want to be a Labor & Delivery Nurse someday. Hopefully I can make that dream come true.

So...until tomorrow!