Monday, July 27, 2009

It might be a few more days

Still here, yep still alive and kicking. Our old computer has SHIT the bed, and $500 freaking dollars later, we have a new part and it should be running smoothly soon. It's going to take some time to transfer things over but I didn't want anyone to feel neglected!

Be back soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The toy battle

As most of you know, Randy and I are in a toy battle with CJ so far. I think we started it Monday maybe, and so far so good. Each day is still a struggle, but it gets a bit better. Randy told CJ he had to behave for 2 weeks and MAYBE we would think about something special. Well, every morning he wakes up and tells me, "Ok, Momma, today is day 12...". He is usually right too, little stinker! He was always in such a habit of asking for things and getting it, that I understand it's hard for him to not ask. So, he's actually moved on from asking for toys to asking if we can stop at "Dicky Donuts" as CJ puts it, and get a special donut. Um, nope, not every day I tell him. I tell him it's something special we do, but not something we do everyday b/c it gets expensive. Besides, he doesn't need all that junk anyways. I'm still trying to get him to understand the importance of eating some healthy things. So far he loves his bananas, apples, raisins, oranges and fruit flats. I can't get the kid to eat a vegetable for the life of me. But, our wonderful pediatrician says as long as he's eating plenty of fruits then he's ok. For now. But back to our toy battle, CJ is finally past the point where he cries when I say no toy for today. And he's done asking me every five minutes if we can go to Target for something. And the best part is, I've gotten some early Xmas shopping done! And he doesn't even know half the presents are in the back of my truck, LOL! So he's just about done for Xmas now. And another thing I've done is get him reinterested in the toys in the two toy boxes he has on our upper level. He has one filled with toys in his closet and one in our hallway upstairs. Each filled to the brim. And each day I encourage him to find something new he hasn't used in awhile. Maybe he is slowly getting that appreciation for his things back. Maybe not.

Also wanted to add that today was Ella's first baby gym class. I signed her up for Gymboree classes in Pittsford as a way for her to strengthen her muscles and be around other babies her age and learn new things. She had an absolute blast! She made some new friends, but her favorite was a little 8 month old named Ayla. She was too cute! She apparently loved Ella's flower pants b/c she literally followed Ella around the gym, and would then tackle her and pull on her pants. Ella would turn her head around, give her the evil Ella look and just keep going. Not once did she smile about it! It was hysterical. And naturally, Ella was THE biggest baby there, and not even the oldest. There was a one year old little boy who had Downs Syndrome, and he weighed about 16lbs I think, and Ella is almost 19lbs! Yikes. She was by far the tallest, and what even surprised me is she was the most far ahead physically. She even has been getting on all fours these last few days and rocking, like she's almost ready to crawl the "normal" way. Right now she army crawls. She is also getting real good at 4 wheeling it over everything that is in her way, and pulling herself to her knees. I can't believe all she's started doing in just a short month. It's amazing. She is even more sassy than before. I sometimes help her feed herself, she gets lazy sometimes so I'm used to picking something up and feeding her. Well, I guess she's too "old" for that now, b/c she slaps my hand away and does it herself. It is comical right now b/c she even looks mad at me. Like she can't even believe I would try to do that. That's my girl!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's just one of them days....

When I wanna be all's just one of them days...that a girl goes thru...

Remember that song, Monica sang it back in the early 90's I think. Great song, b/c the words describe me perfectly. Honestly, it has been a pretty bad day all in all. CJ was up before 6am, which is not a regular thing for him. But, when it does happen I know instantly I'm in for a rough day. Ella was up about 615a or so, which is normal for her. And she is rarely crabby in the morning, and I can always guarantee that she'll be down for a nap around 8am anyways. I was just going to lounge around the house and clean and maybe even relax a bit. Well, CJ was just so awful and Ella a bit crabby that I decided to go to my mom's at the last minute to at least get a change of scenary for them. Usually that does CJ some good b/c he loves spending time with my mom. And he doesn't often get to see her b/c she works all the time! I told CJ we had to stop at Target to get some things, and he immediately asked for a toy. I said no b/c Randy and I have made an agreement that we would stop spoiling him and not buy so much stuff. Besides, the child has more toys than a toy store anyways. Of course that didn't go over well...he pissed and moaned the whole way to my mom's house, and I wanted to just hang my head out the window like Ace Ventura does in Pet Detective. I was about at the end of my rope. He had been like this pretty much all week. Mind you, I brought it on myself, I've spoiled that kid and so has everyone else since the day he was born. And now I've got to try and break my bad habits. It's not been easy. It's like taking away a baby's pacifier. Sometimes I just want to give in b/c I hate the whining and I feel bad b/c it's my own fault. So, when we got to my mom's house, I dropped CJ off and Ella and I went to Target so I wouldn't have to listen to CJ's mouth. And boy, what a nasty mouth it is!! Anyway, it was so cute in Target b/c Ella has decided she's ready to start waving to people, and wave she did. The entire time we were in the store. And of course people had to stop and chat for a few minutes, and she eats all that attention up! When we got back to my mom's CJ was still miserable. He even asked me what I bought him...well....nothing chief! So he said he was never talking to me again and I said a secret prayer to the Gods that it would last at least an hour. And it actually did! CJ refused to look or talk to me for quite a long time. He was madder than Hell that I wouldn't buy him anything. I gotta be strong...and each day will get easier. Gee, listen to me...talking like it's something serious. Oh well.

So, here's my other rant for the day. As you know, I stay at home with the kids and Randy works all day. Like usually from about 6am till 7p or so, and even on Saturdays. Though those hours aren't as long. But, it makes for a very long week, sometimes a very long summer! And when he comes home, he shuts himself off from the world usually. It irritates the hell out of me to be honest with ya. I mean, I'm with the kids all day long, every day and it's not always an easy job to entertain a 4 year old and a 9 month old. But, I love how Randy thinks that it is. I mean, I rarely get adult like time, and when I do go out with a friend I always get stuck taking either Ella or CJ. Mind you, when Randy has something to do or errands to run he just goes and does them. Doesn't offer to take CJ (obviously he can't take Ella!), and once in awhile it would be nice if he offered to do a little bit. He typically whines when CJ wants to spend time with him, and I totally get that when he comes home from a stressful day at work he just wants quiet time, but I do too. I don't get it. Especially lately b/c Randy allows CJ to stay in our bed watching tv until about 10p at night. And I'm more than ready for bed by then. It's a vicious cycle...neverending. And I can't really say anything about wanting Randy to help out more b/c then he flips out saying he works all day long and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm sure you know the deal....Just once a week I would like me time. No one interrupting me, no one to ask me to wipe their ass and no one to ask me to get them food. I get tired of making bottles, cleaning baby spitup off the carpets, cleaning up cat shit and dog hair everywhere, tired of making breakfast, lunch and dinner like this is a restaurant, and tired of just being tired and annoyed. Ugh, can you tell it's that time of the month???? Just give me a freaking padded room to throw myself around in.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ella's 9 month check up

Ella had her 9 month check up today! She is doing so so good. I'm so proud of her, not only b/c she's so damn cute, but b/c she's right where a 9 month old should be! She is 18.6 mind you, I just took her to the dr's about 2 1/2 weeks ago b/c she was really sick. It ended up being Roseola, but anyway, they weighed her and said she was exactly 18lbs. The girl has put on about 6oz in 2 weeks! Crazy! She does eat though! She is in the 50th percentile for weights, and is 28.5" long. She is in the 80th Percentile for length. I still don't understand how she is still so tall! There are no tall women in mine or Randy's family that I know of. The dr can't get over it. He says over and over again there is no way she was early, and we both laugh. I can't keep telling my mom that b/c she SWEARS I was right on time when I had Ella. She says she is SURE I was preggo when we went to Hawaii January of 2008. According to all my ultrasounds (and I had quite a few) Ella was 4 weeks early. You would never know it now. I keep thinking if she had baked for 4 more poor poor body or body parts. She would just be a mammoth and off the charts for an 8 month old! Ugh!

So, she is now crawling like a mad woman, climbing over everything. Or as Randy and CJ like to put it "4 wheeling it over everything!" She is very busy, has to get into everything and check everything out. Her favorites right now are the cat food and cords of course. I never remember baby proofing to this extent with CJ. But then again, I don't remember much since it was four long years ago. Ella's one top tooth has FINALLY broken thru. She started teething with her top 2 about 2 months ago. Not that she's been bad, just a few rough nights getting to sleep. Thank God she stays asleep. Once in a great while she wakes up for a bottle still but only when she REFUSES to eat dinner. Like last night, she just didn't care for anything. She just wanted to get down and get into everything. Typical Salatino I always say...busy, busy, busy! She is starting to pull herself up on everything and soon I know she'll discover the stairs. The other night, in between her sassy screams for me to get her bottle, she actually stopped, pointed and said, "Ba, ba". So, she has now officially said Mama, Dada, bye bye, and ba ba. I swear she said ni ni for night night. But who knows. And every morning when we walk downstairs after her bottle, she waves, as if she's Miss America and saying hi to everyone. It's the most hysterical thing! Really, she has quite the sense of humor. She has this amazing fake laugh, and fake cough. CJ actually did the fake cough for a very long time. Sometimes still does it. But, I'm just amazed at how much she does every day. Randy says she's becoming a little person...and it's at this stage I start to get the itch for another little one. But, sadly, there will be no more babies...Randy and I have long since had the talk. Ella's pregnancy and delivery were just too hard on me and we are so blessed to have a boy AND a girl, so we're officially done. Now if I can just convince Randy to get the snip........

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally, time to relax!

It's been one busy week for us, and it's only Wednesday. Monday CJ had his follow up at the Allergist from testing and new meds from his last appt, which was in January. It did NOT go well at all. Not what I was hoping for. The one thing I wanted to mention was CJ's breathing. I was pretty sure he had asthma, and lately he's had a lot of trouble breathing when he's playing hard, and coughing at night. The coughing at night keeps him up a lot and I just feel so bad for him b/c often it brings him to tears b/c he says his throat hurts. Well, the nurse had CJ do the breathing test, and some of the results were good, like how much air he actually takes in, but the really shocking part was how much he is releasing and how much is getting trapped in his lungs. Amazing how a little machine can tell you all that! Anyway, he was way below average for those things, so sure enough he has allergy induced asthma. More meds, here we come! The dr very strongly suggested we get rid of all of our pets, but really, at this point it's not an option. CJ and I talked about it and he doesn't want to either, it would devestate him, so the pets are staying. For now. Back to the meds....CJ now has to be on Flovent, which is another type of inhaler to help open up his lung tissue (which he has to use 2x a day), nasal spray b/c the dr said his nasal passages were very swollen. Not a shocker b/c he's ALWAYS sniffling! We still have to keep him on Zyrtec, use his other inhaler as needed and now thinking about going back to Singulair. Ugh, what a nightmare. Poor thing, and he was such a good sport at the Allergist too, considering the last time we went they did his skin test. Well anyway, so far so good with all his meds. CJ doesn't even mind the nasal spray, shockingly enough.

Yesterday we had a playdate with two friends of mine from high school. Actually, one of my friends I've known since 5th grade. Isn't that insane? And the funny thing is she has a daughter that is not too much younger than CJ, and a daughter that is 2 months younger than Ella. And my other friend has two kids that are 1.5 years old and 2.5 years old. Everyone had a blast. Ella and Haylee (the baby), actually smiled at each other and babbled a bit. It was adorable. Then Ella decided she HAD to have Haylee's socks. She actually pulled them off her feet and chewed on them, and Haylee just stared at her in complete awe. Too cute. I posted a bunch of pics on my facebook page. After we got home it was DEF time for a nap for two busy kids, and a busy mama. I think that was the only time I've napped this week. I was just so worn out, not to mention not sleeping well. I mean, a lot of times I get major sleep insomnia, but really...who could sleep next to a man who snores to wake the dead, runs in his sleep, talks in his sleep (most of the time he's actually yelling at his workers or CJ!), or kicks me in his sleep. Not good. And sleep issues are one thing I don't want to get meds for. It will just make me loopy. I much prefer alcohol for that! Anyway, that's about it. I worked Wednesday and ran errands with the kids and made some yummy meatloaf for dinner. A good day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A night out

Hmm, how nice that I FINALLY went out without a child attached to me tonight. Seriously, I haven't been out since before Ella was least without someone accompanying me. And it was wonderful. I didn't have to rush, I enjoyed my meal and adult conversation and even had a glass of wine! I know right...probably normal to everyone else out there, but not for me. My hubby tends to work so much that it's really hard for him to have any type of patience to watch two kids. But, I made it mandetory that he keep Ella and CJ tonight. Of course, he lucked out when my brother in law came over and kept him company the whole time, but he sort of got the drift of what it's like for me some days. And why the hell is it that Ella is always an angel for him when I'm gone? I asked him how she did and he said she was sooo good. Not fair, although most days she is very good for me. Anyway, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with my good friend Melissa. I had fish, typically the same thing I always have when I go out. Everything was wonderful, and how I've missed gossiping with someone about life that doesn't have to do with construction. Ugh, no talk about pole barns, or apples or trusses. What a break from reality. See, Randy, my "sweetie", talks nonstop to me about all those terms and I have honestly no freaking clue what it means. You would think after him being in the business for so long, I would be able to build a pole barn, but nope. And to be honest, I kind of lose all interest when the conversation starts leading to that. There are a lot of "oh yeah" and "reallys" that end up coming out of my mouth. Oh, back to my point...I've missed my friend. It's been too long since we've caught up. So it was wonderful. But back to reality once I got home. CJ was literally jumping off the couches when I walked in the door and Randy and Lee (my brother in law) were playing the Wii. I have no clue how Ella sleeps thru all that racket but she does. All hell seems to break loose when I leave, even if only for a few hours. And of course, I have to be the police and break it all up. Lee leaves, Randy decides to go to bed and CJ thinks he can still bounce off the walls because Daddy has let him do it up to this point. Sadly, the poor kid had to pay a visit to the sleeping Gods because he was so overtired and miserable. To bed he went, Randy went to catch up on Nascar (thrilling I know!) and I came down here to do some more blogging. So that's how my night out went...wish I would've done some more drinking but now that I think about it...not so smart when I have two kids who have NO clue what sleeping in means. So I'll end this post with a picture of me and my bud Melissa:

So, here's my very first post on my very first blog. Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I, right? Not that my life is very exciting....well sometimes it can be. But, it's a place to get my frustrations out as I try and keep my sanity while working part time and staying at home with my kids.

Ok, about my kids. My son's name is CJ, he is 4 years old. But we always say he's an 80 year old man in a little boys body. He is mature way beyond his years, yet the biggest spitfire you'll ever meet! He's wonderful, amazing, surprising and naughty all mixed into one. You'll soon learn to understand that such a combo is not always such a good thing. He is 100% boy, with all of my husbands spunk and spontenaity. Crap, I hope spell check works 'cause I have no clue how to spell spont...whatever. Anyway, CJ has a huge love for life and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for him. He makes me laugh and brings me up when I'm down. He's a true
Momma's boy. This is crazy CJ:

My mini-me daughter is Ella Dominique. I say mini me because she truely does look a lot like me. She's your typical sassy girl. Ella must always be right in the middle of whatever is going on. She loves action and a lot of company. She is the busiest baby I've ever known, yet loves to sleep. Funny combination but it works for her. For the most part she sleeps very well and through the night. She was born 4 weeks early, but now you'd never know it. She loves to eat and is growing like a weed. She actually has her 9 month check up late next week. I can't wait to see how tall she is....I watch her sleeping and can't believe just how truely very long she is. I am not tall and neither is my husband. Anyway, Ella is a dream come true...she's perfect in every way. After having such a tough time with CJ has a baby, Ella could no wrong, lol! And besides being a very content baby, she's absolutely gorgeous. Here she is:

So, that's my first post....I know I'll be doing more probably tonight when I get more time. There is much more to learn and know about me and my crazy life!