Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally, it's out!

CJ has been working on his first tooth for what seems like months! And finally the darn thing basically fell out Friday morning. He likes to gross me out by moving it around with his tongue every morning, and this morning he pushed on it with his tongue and it was hanging by like one root! Let me tell, it made my stomach turn. If there is one thing I hate, it's loose teeth. I don't like looking at them, and even at a young age, I HATED pulling them out. I just don't like it and never will.
Anyway, I told CJ to please pull it out, give it a little yank or he would swallow it and the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to give him money. Then he got all nervous when he saw how really close it was to coming out. He gave it a little wiggle and spit it out. And had just a small amount of blood which was a good thing, because he probably would've freaked out had he seen more blood.
So, for all of you photo lover's, here it is!