Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tasteless Tuesdays....even though it's Wednesday!

I'm a slacker, but I've got a good excuse. Magellan is of course out of town working and it's been a hellish week so far with the kids. If I could commit myself to an insane asylum just for the weeks Magellan is gone, I SO WOULD. It would mean quiet, and time to myself. I might even eat better there, LOL!

So here is my Tasteless Tuesdays while I get a few minutes of "me time".

Courtesy of CJ:
"Mommy, my butt hurts from squeezing out the Queen. And she won't come out. Can you help?"

"Where's your wiener and how do you go pee?"

"Did Ella come out of your butt when you had her?"

"Daddy, what are those things hanging down by your boys?"

"Why is Star's poop so big, Mama?"

Courtesy of Miss Ella:
She was munching on a pickle today and suddenly decided she didn't want it anymore. I just so happened to be holding her when she wanted to get rid of it, and she dropped it down my shirt, between my boobs. And it was all slimey too.

I was feeding Ella Spaghetti for lunch one day and she took a big mouthful of it. Then she took it out of her mouth and ran her fingers thru her hair and laughed very wickedly at me b/c she knew I would be cleaning it up. She thought it was hysterical.

Ella decided she wanted yogurt melts for a snack (they are pieces of fruit with yogurt hardened over them) and ate a ton before I could grab the bag from her. As I picked her up she threw them up all over me. Smelled just wonderful too!

My mother picked up Ella the other day and it had been a few days since she had seen her, and doesn't Ella immediately start farting as my mom is holding her. And she waited until my mom had her hand placed on her bottom to hold her too. Then she giggled when my mom said, "Gee thanks Ella."


~aj~ said...

That Ella is a stinker...LITERALLY! :)

Patti said...

Your kids are hysterical!!!! Emersyn does the same thing with messy foods in her hair, SO naughty!!! And I agree, yougurt barf smells just delicious!! :)