Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tasteless Tuesday

Last week's post was such a hit, I think I'll just keep grossing you all out with my funny kids.

Spoken very truthfully by my Bossy Transformer:

"Look Mom, I'm making my wiener dance!"
"I can't wear that sweater, it's disgusting."
"That's it, I'm moving out and you can't come with me!"
"I think last night a mosquito snuck in my room and bit me on my boys."
"I have to eat more raisins b/c they make my wiener grow."
*Yes, CJ is at the stage where he's obsessed with his boy part...in case you couldn't tell!*

Funny things courtesy of my Ladybug:

Ella and I were in Wegmans the other day and she was munching on a cookie when an older gentleman stopped to say hi to her. She promptly took the cookie out of her mouth and offered it to the man. Of course he politely declined.

The other day Ella and CJ were in the bathtub. She was standing up holding on to the side jabbering away to me, when all of a sudden I saw her get up on her tippy toes. I laughed b/c it looked so funny and next thing I know CJ is yelling, "SHE'S POOPING!

We were at my in laws for Thanksgiving and I was letting Ella run around naked, airing herself out a bit. I usually let her do this at home before Jammie/bed time. She walked right into the bathroom and peed all over the floor...hey at least it was in the bathroom.

Ella has somehow managed to bypass the childproof locks on our bathroom drawers and was digging thru Magellan's drawer the other day. Next thing I know she's wandering around with his nose hair clippers (he'll love me for this one!). He of course thought it was gross, I thought it was funny that that was the object of choice!

I hate when Ella has raisins to eat....take a guess why? I don't think she chews them AT ALL.


Patti said...

Hahahaha, these are awesome!!!! Great memories to record to embarass your children later..hee hee. :)

P.S. I feel the same way about black beans as you do about raisins. :)
P.P.S. Regarding your comment on my blog, yes Emersyn's lovey is a monkey named Twin. He is named Twin because my mom has the same one at her house in MN, thus making him a "twin". :)

sheree said...

hahahaha!! Those were good ;)

Patti said...

RYC: Yes I LOVE the shoes/booty thingys that you saw on Emersyn from Target. I like them because they have grippy plastic on the bottom of them which makes them non-skid. It is so hard for her to wear socks. She slips all the time. I take her out in public in these too when she doesn't have any socks cleaned, LOL!!!!