Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can I just scream now?

Well, CJ brought some funk home, I'm sure from school, and now Ella has it. It's weird b/c its only runny poo and nothing else, but add to it Ella's newfound clinginess AND independence AND her two bottom molars poking thru the gums and I seriously want to hide.

Can I scream now?

It's been a rough week still with Ella. She is either literally attached to my hip or running away from me as I try to get her coat or hat on. She is either very clingy or trying despertely to put her own shoes and socks on. And no matter how simple the task, it always ends with a screaming fit. Not by me, of course! But by the Diva herself. Good lord, if ever there was a picture to describe "mentally exhausting" Ella's would for sure be there. With her shit-eating grin of course.

Her dr appointment by the way went just fine. No infection in her incision, everything looks just the way it should so far. We go back to the plastic surgeon in a month so they can see how her scar will be at that point and then hopefully after that we won't have to go back! Oh, and the biopsy came back for the cyst and its just a bunch of blood vessels, nothing to worry about at all. *breathing a sigh of relief now*

Ella had her 15 month checkup last week, which I am JUST NOW realizing I never blogged about. Go ahead, say it, I suck! So, here's the good news:

Ella is currently 31.75" tall, making her in the 85%tile for girls (where did this Giant come from!), is 22.5lbs making her in the 50th%tile for weight. There is some speculation and discerepencies on her weight as Ella has been weighed 3x in the last two weeks. Twice at the hospital before her surgery and once at her checkup. She is too big to be on the baby scale and barely stands long enough on the big person scale to register. Both times at the hospital the numbers were very close, and at her ped's office she just about jumped right off the scale. Her weight barely registered and she was one foot off when it did. So, I'm going with the hospital weight for now. Ella has met all of her 15 month milestones and is pretty much ahead of everything when it comes to her gross and fine motor skills. She is jumping, spinning in circles, attempting to feed herself, can stack blocks, puts Legos together, loves to read, tries to dress and undress herself, can climb up and down stairs, opens and shuts doors and cabinets, can climb up and off furniture, loves her baths, loves on all the animals, and is still very addicted to her blankie and milk. But we are completely bottle free!! I finally threw all the bottles away b/c it was quite obvious Ella was too big for them, lol! Ella is starting to become a snuggler, really enjoying our "rock" sessions before bedtime and naptime.

CJ is doing awesome in school! He recognizes all his letters and numbers and is starting to learn what sounds the letters make. He can read double digit numbers and is working on triple digit numbers now. He can tell time, spell out simple yet short words. CJ has some trouble cutting with scissors but is making good progress. I can't believe how far he's come so far in his second year of preschool.

So, thats it for now.

Can I scream now?