Saturday, January 2, 2010

Potty Training

First off, I should totally be sleeping and trying to get rid of this cold, but instead I thought I'd attempt to do a quick post.

Secondly, let's just say the New Year is NOT off to a good start. Did I tell you all I'm sick? AGAIN?? I just had the stomach bug the weekend before Xmas, and now this wretched cold that I just know CJ gave to me on Xmas Eve. Ick, go away!

Yes, the title says it all. I am attempting to start potty training Ella. She's almost 15 months and I've been told girls are way easier than boys. Plus, believe it or not, she has a serious fascination with the toilet. So why not, right? She's very bright and picks up on things rather quickly. So, I've started putting her on the potty right before I put her in the bathtub, and lately, that's every day! She is now in the habit of sitting on the toilet, she knows enough when I am done undressing her to try and sit. Of course at the moment, she thinks its funny, but she has gone pee once on the potty. My mom says its a good habit to start, so why not? I mean she was peeing on the floor the second the diaper came off while she would stand in front of the bath tub.

Oh, and I almost forgot that she lets me know when she poops in her diaper. She will walk up to you, and touch her butt and say "OOOhhh!", then walk to the stairs. Smart girl she is!

CJ is doing great. He's had 2 weeks off from school and actually it's been nice to not have to play chauffeur for awhile. But back to the grind next week! He's been really good while Magellan's been in New Paltz; listening real well and helping me out when he can.

Ella is really starting to show how much she understands lately. And she listens very well. I give her a snack and tell her to go sit down and eat it and most times she does. You ask her where her milk is and she goes and gets her cup. You ask her where he blankie or Elmo are and she will go look for them too. She is now doing 3 signs, one for drink, one for more, and one for all done. It's completely useless to show her the sign for eat since she literally eats nonstop! She goes down for naps and bedtimes with zero fuss! I am super excited about this now, not even a whine. She still loves her sleep, making sure she gets her full 12 hours and then some sometimes. Her naps are really hit or miss still, and she has 2 molars in. Still waiting on the bottoms to come in. She will eat anything and everything, she doesn't care what it is,but def has a sweet tooth!! She'd live on brownies and cookies if she could. She's a real sweetheart, she knows just how to make you laugh, and is really becoming quite the snugglebug. Though, still not with me! She gives kisses on command, can tell you what a cat and dog say, knows where the nose and mouth are and when you tell her she's pretty, she runs her fingers thru her hair!! Ella is totally into shoes (thank GOD, cause so am I) and she loves to dig thru her shoe bin and pick out what shoes to wear. I help of course to make sure they match. Her recent fave are the fake Ugg booties her Grammy bought her. They are sooo cute, and she wears them EVERY DAY!

Magellan and I are doing well. Things are still on the up and up so here's hoping they stay that way!

Be back soon~