Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Houdini strikes again!

Back in the day when Ella was a wee little one, Magellan and I used to call Ella "Houdini". She could some pretty amazing things, and we never did figure out why. She choose to do these random baby things usually when we left the room.

Well, after about a 9 month hiatus, Houdini is back. This morning, on the way to CJ's school, Ella managed to get her diaper off her rump, all the while sitting and buckled into her carseat. I can remember halfway there she was screaming like someone was stabbing her and I was saying to myself, "Why can't you just like the car?!"

I felt this really oddly shaped lump in her jammies on her left leg while carrying her in to drop CJ off at class. For the life of me I had NO CLUE what the "F" was in her jammies. Well, as I was buckling her back into her seat I realized she had no padding around her womanly parts. Low and behold it was her damn diaper hanging down around her knee. And by the time we got home she had absolutely pissed everywhere. Figures the way my luck is these days.....

I don't know how she did it, but lately ripping the diaper off is her new fascination. She will take off every chance she gets before I get her fully dressed and rip the diaper off. I really think she likes airing her girlies out. But who doesn't, right?

So I have a feeling this is the beginning of a long string of magical "mishaps" to come.

Stay tuned!!!
Oh and PS: Note the picture where she is standing behind all the kids waiting to grab someone's leftovers!!