Monday, January 4, 2010


I have never been a big believer in teaching an old dog new tricks, but Magellan has proved me wrong. Hopefully this will be the one and only time he does that, cause man I HATE TO BE WRONG! It must be the Hitler side in me coming out.

I can honestly say Magellan has really been helping out, and without much prodding. It's nice to feel like I have some help now when he is home from work. This weekend for instance he even let me sleep in, AND, let me nap! I know, totally shocking. But I think Magellan really does enjoy his Ella time. She's getting to be so much fun now, and is really doing a good job of communicating what she needs/wants. I mean for goodness sake the girl even tells you when she poops her pants! And the times that Magellan let me rest this weekend were a nice surprise too. There was no warning! I'm much happier when I get my sleep too! So if I'm happy then we are all happy.

Oh, and I caught CJ's annoying cold. Just knocked me on my ass out of nowhere too. Last week I not only had a broken wrist, but a cold AND my period AND period induced migraines. Not a good week, which meant no sleep either really. Even with the aid of Tylenol PM and those things nothing was letting me rest.

So thank you, Magellan, for coming to my rescue. I think I really will miss you while you're gone this week.

Only 9 more days of this damn cast being on. I can't wait to resume a normal life again. I'm actually used to it now and have made no attemps to cut this one off. Wait a minute, did I even get a chance to telll you all that I cut my other cast off? NO?! Well stupid me sure did. I was so in denial about the whole fracture thing and pissed off that the swelling had gone done in my arm that the cast no longer fit. I could basically almost pull it off and it was rather obnoxious. So Xmas Eve while everyone was askeep, I cut a nice long slit in my cast and pulled it off...

Relief, right??????

Oh so wrong.

I woke up the next morning to get a huge tongue lashing from Magellan and my mother. But really, I already knew the stupidity in my mistake. My wrist hurt like hell. I had to start taking Vicodin again and I was absolutely miserable. I made Magellan shove it back on, and yes that was painful too. But after an hour in the cast, my wrist was feeling back to home. Yes, I'm a stubborn blonde, what can I say?

So Monday the 28th, I went in for a new cast, and this one fits a lot better. Really its not that bad. We have an understanding now......I won't deface the cast as long as it makes the bone heal by the 3 week mark so I don't have to wear another cast for even longer.

I think it might have's hoping right


~aj~ said...

You crazy girl...leave the cast alone!!!! (Easier said than done, I'm sure). :)

Glad your hubby has been treating you so well deserve it!