Friday, January 29, 2010

The migraine from....

From hell pretty much. I typically suffer from migraines every time I get my period. Some months are better than others, but this month was no exception.

For those of you who have never had a migraine, consider yourself blessed. Seriously. When I get my migraines (The really bad ones!) I get nauseous, dizzy, am very sensitive to sound and light. Put it this way, I'm a better person if I am allowed to shut myself in a very dark room with earplugs in. And typically sleep is really the only cure. I haven't been on migraine meds since right before I got preggo with Ella b/c I just don't like them. I have never found the right med and they make me feel pretty yucky usually. And Tylenol or Excederin do nothing for me. They don't come close to the pain. Once in awhile, Vidocin or Percocet do the trick, but I have a very addictive personality and I try to keep those drugs out of sight, LOL!

So anyway, I had been fight a period induced headache starting Tuesday but it wasn't unbearable. Yet. I figured it would go away by Wednesday morning. It did for a bit but came back. I think it was the candle I lit that triggered my migraine. Some types of smells can trigger my migraines as well. Like cigarette smoke, perfumes or candle smells. I guess I will have to toss my peppermint candles! By Thursday morning my tension headache had turned into a full blown migraine, and oh yeah, Magellan was in New Paltz! I spent the better half of the day laying on the floor in the living room doing my best to keep the kids entertained. Or laying in CJ's bed while Ella and CJ played in the hallway while watching Elmo. Thank God for Elmo! It kept Ella quiet for quite some time, which is what I really needed. By 4pm I was next to death, not literally, but I was in a lot of pain and it was only increasing. So I called my dr's office and begged for the PA to write me a script for something for migraines. I said I didn't care what it was, just something to please help me. Finally at 430p my script was ready and I got the kids bundled up and off we drove to the pharmacy. Now, I really hadn't left the house so I had no clue how bad it was outside either. Halfway to the pharmacy I think I shit my pants. Honestly. It was that bad out. You couldn't see 5 feet in front of you, it was complete white out conditions even though it wasn't dark yet. I couldn't even see where the road ended and the ditches started. It was pretty scary. And it didn't make matters any better when CJ fell asleep and was no longer paying attention to Ella, who decided screaming at the top of her lungs was a brilliant idea.

It took us 20 minutes longer than usual to get to the pharmacy, but we made it in one piece. I ran inside and got my meds and downed two as soon as possible. Now the time could start to be more manageable. I only had 1.5 hrs before Ella would be going to bed. The ride home was a bit better b/c I knew what to expect and Ella had calmed down just the slightest bit. Although it took awhile for the meds to kick in, it did provide some relief. The only bad thing is it messes with my sleep. After the drowsiness disappears, the meds give me some serious insomnia. So needless to say I did NOT sleep well. Oh and our house was freezing and Magellan thinks sleeping on top of me is the answer to that problem. NOT! I like my space when I sleep, I don't like to cuddle or snuggle when I'm trying to sleep. After almost 12 years of being together he still hasn't caught on.

Today I was really hoping that my headache would miraculously be gone, but no. I finally gave in and took some meds and took a short nap, but here I sit with that lingering yucky medicine feeling.

Here's hoping tomorrow is much better, because really it couldn't get any worse!