Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of week update

Phew, what a freaking week it's been. If I could say the "F" word and not feel guilty that you all were reading and some might be offended, I sure as heck would. I am so glad that week is over. Ella is bound and determined to start doing naptime her way or the high way. Sadly, she has won a lot of those times. Today I let her fuss (or cry really) for an hour. Yes, my daughter-who-loves-to-sleep-so-I'll-sleep-13-hours-every-day did not want to end this wonderful, cheery week off with a nice long nap so mommy could spend quality time with Daddy. I actually gave in and let her have a bottle. *gasp*

She wanted nothing to do with it, and why should she? She never gets a bottle during the day anymore. I did away with that at least two months ago. She even looked at me like I was crazy. But at that point, I was probably was. Ella finally fell asleep only to wake up miserable an hour later. Daddy had taken his truck to get washed and Pee Wee came in to see the kids. He's been working with Magellan so he doesn't see Ella or CJ that much either. Ella sure was glad to see her Uncle tho. She sat quietly on his lap for a minute or two, which in Ella's world is an eternity!

But, she was so overtired and cranky that she only stayed up till about 6p. Yes, I sure did type that right....6p. I took her up at 530p actually. And she was about passing out in the rocking chair. She slept until about 10p, had some milk and is sleeping again. But all week long she's been fighting naps like no body's business. We might have to have a heart to heart next week while Magellan is gone though. I can't do days like that for too much longer. This whole week I'm lucky if I can get Ella to take one short nap, and I mean like 1/2 an hour nap. But, at least she goes to bed super early and is out till about 7am the next morning. I can do without the naps as long as my Diva keeps sleeping at night like that. Oh, and just when I discover another molar has come thru the gums, I see her damn canines coming in now too. UGH! Just get it over with already.

We had some real shitty weather this week. Snow, wind, freezing cold air, hail, sleet you damn well better name it. It showed up in my yard and I was not happy. But, at least Magellan was kind enough to clean out the garage for me last weekend before he left for work and I could park in the garage. What a godsend a garage is. Not having to scrape off the snow and's the best thing man ever invented. Well, sort of right?!

Magellan got home real late Thursday night, I was already sleeping sadly. I caught a half of a cold. And I say that b/c it consisted of a sore throat, post nasal drip and only hung around for 3 days. Now it's gone, thank God, but I sure was worn out by the end of the week. Sorry Magellan, I'm such a party pooper!

CJ and Ella were of course so excited to see Magellan. I thought Ella would crap her pants, she didn't want to leave his side for about an hour. And she kept looking at his face like she couldn't believe he was there. She's too sweet.

Today Daddy and CJ spent the better half the late morning and afternoon working, doing errands. Ella and I went shopping for my good friend's daughter's bday party tomorrow. It will be so much fun, I can't wait. And I love shopping for little girl's now!!! I can't wait to share pics of the kids with the other party goers. The best part about my day was the Garbage plate for dinner Magellan got me. I have been craving one for about 3 weeks now (NO I'm NOT preggo!). You have to know what I'm talking about to understand the insane craving. And it was SO good. So now that I have that out of the way, I can wait about 3 more months till my next one. Those of you who are clueless as to what one is, google it, and be sure to look at the images. Mmmmmm......I can smell it now.......

Ella had her last flu booster this week. Naturally she didn't give a rat's behind she got stabbed in the leg for the hundredth time this year. I'd almost think she likes it if she didn't yell at the nurse after all was said and done. Oh, and she had her consultation with her plastic surgeon for the cyst above her right eye. She's had it since she was about 3 months old, and it sure ain't getting any smaller. The dr said it DEF needs to be removed, otherwise it could get infected. And as much as it grows sticking out, it also grows inward, possibly pushing on her brow bone or skull. Lovely thoughtr eh? January 11Th is the day for the surgery. It will be a short procedure but unfortunately she will have to be under general anesthesia (did I even spell that right?). I'm nervous about that, but the sooner the better that it's all over and done with. We initially thought they could do an incision under her brow bone, but the cyst is not close enough for that. The only other option which would create less of a scar would be to cut along the hairline (the WHOLE hairline), pull the skin down and remove the cyst that. It will be sealed with dissolvable sutures, but I just don't like the idea of any of it. I hope it's over quick and is quite painless.

So, that's a wrap. It's late, I hope I didn't forget too many words. I have some pics of Ella's play date with her future hubby to share. They are too darn cute those two babies!

I'll let y'all know how the birthday party goes!



~aj~ said...

The thought of your baby having surgery is NEVER a pleasant one. I'll be thinking/praying for Miss Ella, especially on the 11th.

Hope the napping works itself out as well. Drew had one day recently where he did not nap at all and I thought my head was going to explode. He wasn't even that was just the thought of him wanting to give up naps. ACKKK!!!! I'm so not ready for that yet.

Hope this week is a better one!