Friday, September 11, 2009

The "Short" battle

Have I mentioned before that I really despise mornings? I have never been a joyful person in the morning, and unfortunately it was one nasty trait I have passed on to CJ. Thankfully, Ella got Magellan's personality for the mornings...cheerful, happy and excited to start the day.

Today was a day CJ and I BOTH should've just stayed in bed. As a parent though, I don't have that luxury anymore. How I wish I did some days though! I didn't sleep great, and have been nursing a headache since yesterday morning. Woke up this morning to Ella's baby chatter and yep, headache still there. Every so often I have days where a headache lingers, and lingers, and lingers. Nothing really helps it go away. It usually starts out as a migraine and then turns into a tension/stress headache and hangs out for a few days. Not fun at all. Those are the days I'm usually screaming at Magellan around 5p to hurry up and get his ass home. Those are the days I try and put Ella to bed no later than 7p b/c I just can't take the noise and lights. Then I typically crawl under the covers and wait for sleep to take over. Anyway, I still had this headache and was in no mood for crap. Thankfully Magellan had to leave for work around 7am, so CJ and I didn't have to contend with him. He hates our crankiness in the morning and still after all these years doesn't understand to not bother either one of us for at least an hour. I haven't found the right training course for that yet.

8am rolls around and CJ is still sleeping, so I have to wake him or he will be late for school. He was shockingly pleasant when he woke up, and I brought him downstairs to eat his waffle. Soon time came to get dressed and he decided while he played with his Power Rangers, I would grab his clothes and he would get changed in the living room. This is a routine that has yet to be broken as ever since CJ was a baby and went to daycare, I changed him in the living room b/c it was quicker for us to just run out the door so I wouldn't be late for work. After changing Ella and bringing everything downstairs for CJ I informed him he needed to get changed while I gave Ella her Nutrigrain bar. Well, as soon as CJ saw the jeans I picked out for him he started screaming.


And so the "short" battle began.

For some odd reason CJ really thinks he can now wear shorts all year long. Obviously in NY, you can't for the simple reason being that it gets quite cold for about 8 months out of the year. Now the best part about this whole argument is that we could NOT get CJ to wear shorts once it started getting warm out this year b/c he complained he was always cold. Now I can't get him out of the shorts. He would rather freeze and have goosebumps than wear pants.

"It's too cold to wear shorts tody CJ. It's not supposed to get over 60 degrees." As if the child knows what I'm talking about.

For 15 minutes CJ and I argued back and forth about putting his pants on. First he said he would run upstairs and get his shorts, but I locked the baby gate on the stairs and he doesn't know how to open it. Then he threw himself ever so dramatically onto the couch and cried into the pillows. Finally I yelled at him to put his darn pants on and that was final. Well, he wanted his Daddy (as I've pointed out before, Daddy is the sucker in the house), so I punched in Magellan's number on the cell and let CJ cry to him while I got Ella out to the car. By the time I got into my seat in the truck, CJ was wailing about how his pants were ugly, and disgusting and blah, blah, blah. I couldn't help but laugh b/c they were just jeans. But very cute jeans might I add. Not super tight ones, or highwaters, or elastic wastebands ( he had to wear the elastic wasteband ones for a LONG time b/c he's so darn skinny!). They're bootcut, long jeans, so I don't know what the problem was.

We got to his school and I thought he was over his "short" issue. He hung his backpack up and we walked down the hall to the playground, which is where I drop him off before they start class. Low and behold but who was wearing pants outside? Every single one of his classmates and his two teachers. CJ didn't give a rats ass though. His teacher came over to say hi to me and Ella and when she bent down to hug CJ, he immediately crossed his arms over his chest and started pouting.
"My mom won't let me wear shorts today."

And so the "short" battle began with Ms Cindy.
Poor Ms Cindy.