Friday, September 18, 2009

What to do, what to do?

For the past two days I've pondered over what to blog about. Blogging about my kids can be boring....admit it. Although I do have two very active, naughty children that make for some awesome posts, I even get bored writing about them. I've blogged about my doggie-in-training, and my not so "better" half. Is it time to blog about me again?!

So here's the history on Lindsay Nicole Ingram Salatino. I was born December 29th, here in Rochester. I already had an older brother who we will call "B" who was 2. From the pictures I've seen, he seemed so happy to have me around. Although he didn't walk, talk or associate with too many other people besides my mother, I loved him unconditionally. I walked and spoke long before he did, and as a result of this he went to a special school when he was 3. Every day, all day long. Imagine how heartbreaking that must be for a parent. I sometimes get teary eyed thinking about how my mother had to let him go that day. I'm sure she shed a few tears...

I spent 5 years growing up in Brockport, which was a very small town then. There was pretty much nothing there but a Wegmans, bowling alley, McDonalds and Ames. Gosh, do you remember Ames?? Wow, that was like the hot spot then I think.

When I was ten my parents separated and I witnessed a very nasty divorce. It's not anything I would wish upon anyone. I spent nights crying myself to sleep, as I'm sure my mom did. My older brother didn't quite understand everything that was going on (which was probably better anyways), and my baby brother was far too young to even remember. And even if he could grasp onto what was really going on, I tried my best to shield him from any and all nastiness my biological father sent our way. I don't really consider my bio-dad my father. He did nothing for me my entire life, or any of my brothers for that matter. I have a wonderful dad that my mom married when I was 16, and he's taken such good care of my brothers and I.

When my mom remarried, along came the extra siblings. I have an older step brother, "C", a younger stepbrother, "K", and a younger step sister, "S". I love them all to death even thru their imperfections, but I'm most closest with K. He lives in Cleveland and CJ just adores him. He comes to visit when he can, but it's certainly not often enough!

My younger brother, "CK", is the one that I'm closest to out of all my siblings. Because he was so young when my parents divorced, I took over a lot of the motherly duties for him while my mother worked hard to support us. He was like my own little baby. We're 7.5 years apart, but it never stopped us from bonding or playing together. I love him like he was my own baby! I took care of him in every way possible and still do even though he's now of legal age to drink! We're complete polar opposites but that doesn't matter. We bring out the best in each other.

I can see a lot of my own son in CK, and to tell you the honest truth, CJ could be his "mini me"! When we vacationed in Hawaii last winter, everyone we passed thought CK was CJ's dad. It was actually kind of cute because CK and CJ have a very special bond.
My CK and CJ in Hawaii:

More to come....I have to put Evil Ella down for a nap!