Monday, October 19, 2009

Evil and Anonymous

Magellan hates my Not Me Monday posts...he says they're boring and they make no sense.

I happen to love them b/c then I can tell you all what I do. I'm not perfect, I'm human and I make mistakes just like everyone else. And I learn from these mistakes. Well...most of the time I do. But, today I have something else to blog about that someone brought to my attention.

For those of you that noticed, or didn't noticed, it doesn't really matter either way, I changed the title to my post about Ella's birthday. I had a wonderful "Anonymous" user tell me Ella would hate the fact that I call her "Evil One" later on in life when she reads my blog. Really, do you think my blog will be around that long? Come on now... I'm not that good.

First off, I hate anonymous users. I really do. If you're bold enough to leave a rude comment, then at least share with us all who you are. Must be you're not really that bold. It bothers me more that someone wanted to stay anonymous rather then someone pointing out that I call my daughter "Evil One." You probably don't want to know what I call CJ then, LOL! We call him "Monster." Go ahead and comment on that one.

And no! he doesn't mind that we've called him that his whole short life. He actually likes it.

Evil is by no means intended as a slap in Ella's face or meant to hurt her. It's a comical name b/c she's sneaky, crafty, naughty, sweet, lovable and funny all in one. I call her Evil b/c she does some evil things. Evil by baby standards, not by "big" people standards. If I want to call my daughter Evil, I will.

And if you don't like it, well, piss off. Do I sound mean? Good, b/c you've caught me at a bad time this month.

No, I don't have my period. I am experiencing intense amounts of lack of sleep. And in case you hadn't noticed on the sidebar there, "I may be rude, but at least I tell the truth."

Hey, I might make a great politician some day!

So, if you don't like my blog, and what I nicknamed my daughter, then bugger off and read someone else's sugar coated words b/c you are NOT going to find them here. That's not me.

Thank you, and have an ass-kicking day!


Patti said...

I got some lovely anonymous comments on a harmless post where I mentioned flicking Emersyn's hand when she wouldn't stop touching an outlet. They said if I resorted to such measures now, what on earth would I do when the offenses got bigger, like I am giving red flags for a child beater. I disabled anonymous comments on my blog. It's too irritating. No one ASKED them to read my blog!!

Queenb said...

Patti I totally agree! It's annoying, and I did the same as you. Disabled the anonymous comments too. Some people are just too much!

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

Amen sister! first of all, whether the comment was anonymous or not, it was not called for. Im sure she'd love to know what I call MY kids for nicknames! Not very flattering, believe me! :)
why leave the comment at all, ya know? If I dont have something nice to say on someones blog, I just dont say it!

Queenb said...

Alicia you are so right!!