Saturday, October 3, 2009

You need to play nice

I had a great day planned. Partially with kids too. Then it went to shit. Here's how it started, and here's hoping it ends better!

So I had an appt today to get my hair cut and colored. It's about that time again for me to go dark since it's fall and I am so fair skinned. If I stay blond in the winter I look extremely washed out. I don't like that look really.

I got up with the kids, even if it was way earlier than usual, letting Magellan sleep in. He's been working very late the last 3 days and I knew he would appreciate it. Or at least I was hoping he would! Needless to say I could only keep them quiet for so long, and then CJ wanted to see his Daddy for a bit. I tried to keep Ella busy b/c she does not sit still. She is constantly going 90 miles a minute. Saying she's like a tornado is an understatement.

I'm in the bathroom putting my make-up on, and my phone starts ringing. I check the caller ID, and it's the hair salon. Now, keep in mind this is a new salon for me. My hairdresser just moved places and this was my first time to see her since she switched. Well, they tell my appt was a half hour ago....I'm like WTF? I wrote down 1030a, not 930a. So they tell me I can still come in, I just won't have time to do what I want. UGH!

I fly out the door, as Ella is chasing me down screaming for me. She is still at that stage where it's cute actually! I get there and the receptionist gave me a less than warm welcome. Oh, and did I mention no one from the salon ever called to confirm my appt either? Perhaps if they had, I wouldn't have missed it! I end up having to sit and wait b/c my girl was finishing up with her other client from 10am. I can hear both the receptionists whispering about how I was late. I mean seriously, how can you expect to keep business if that is how you treat your clientele?

I'm human, I make mistakes too believe it or not.

I finally get called to see my hair dresser and she doesn't seem herself. She's usually bubbly, cheery...not today. I apologized profusely, I felt horrible. It sets her behind I'm sure and makes her feel rushed. I felt awful, but she assured me not to worry about it.

So, we get to talking, and decide just to do a cut today b/c we didn't have time to do anything else. I'm OK with that, I really needed a cut over anything else! It was getting shaggy and you could see my dead ends. I ask her if she likes the new place and she kind of rolls her eyes at me and says, "Yes and no."

She need not say more.

The girls that worked there were not friendly. No one even acknowledged her or looked her way. It wasn't a warm, inviting atmosphere at all. Not at all like the last place she was at. She was happy there then. It isn't my business why she left, and I wasn't going to ask. By the way, I am LOVING my new cut. It's short...very short in the back. It's an inverted bob that is more dramatically cut in the back with layers in the back. It's cute, I'm glad I got the nerve to chop it even shorter this time!

Well, I finally get home after having to stop and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte to cheer me up, and I write my stylist on facebook to tell her about my cashing out issue. She immediately writes me back to tell me she quit! She just wasn't happy there and no, the girls did NOT play nice. She has another job lined up, which is awesome for her, so very shortly I will get my hair colored just as I'd been wishing for.

Moral to this story:

Play nice and you will have people who want to come back and play with you.