Thursday, October 1, 2009

My new addiction

My newest addiction, well for Ella anyways, is Gymboree. I have occasionally bought things there for CJ, only when they have good sales. Otherwise it is completely ridiculous to me to pay full price for something he might grow out of in a month. And the before sale price is outrageous as well.

Well, having a girl has completely changed my way of thinking. The last month has been bad. I can't stop buying her outfits, and sometimes a ton from one line. If I get the sweater or dress, I must get the pants/leggings to match it. Then the shoes...then the onesie.....I think you get the drift. I am still shopping sales w/coupons though. You know me, queen of cheap.

Today I failed.

I bought an outfit that wasn't on sale, and I didn't have a coupon for it. UGH! I thought Magellan was going to have a stroke. But, he thought the outfit was so cute, he didn't bother to ask the price.

Someone stop me before I put us in debt!

Ella has plenty of clothes, believe me. Her closet is twice the size of a normal one, and it's full. She has about 8 shelves above where her clothes hang and half of those are full with clothes. Now, don't get me wrong. She gets a lot of hand-me-downs too that she wears. In fact I have a friend, who might I add is a bad influence on me, and all her daughter wears is Gymboree. So, Ella has been getting all of her old clothes. I'm thankful that she will have so many winter and summer clothes and I hopefully won't need to keep Gymboree in business anymore, LOL. But they are just so cute. Not to mention I LOVE how they smell.

Is that strange? I love how the clothes smell? I caught myself sniffing her new dress this evening. It's like the addicting smell in Abercrombie & Fitch. It just pulls you into the store. Is it wrong to want to bathe Ella in that smell?? I just love it.

My major weakness is their Gymbucks program. I won't bore you with the details, but that is how I justify buying more lately. I'll have to take some pics of Ella's closet, and maybe I'll put her in her new outfit tomorrow so you all can see just how adorable it is.

On to more important things....

Had a fun play date with a friend from high school today. I got to meet her little boy for the first time. He was born 7/12 and is the cutest, happiest baby. Well, besides my Ella Bella. He was too stinking cute. Ella and CJ had a grand time playing with different toys and CJ actually enjoyed goofing around with my friend's daughter. It's b/c he loves the ladies!

I cannot believe how close we are to Ella's first birthday! I am so excited about it, and about her turning one. She's not a baby anymore! And I'm excited about that b/c she is so much more fun now. And she just sucks everything in like a sponge and learns so quickly. She's quite the charmer, and I still cannot get over what a little personality she has. She loves to laugh and sing. She sings constantly, not with words you or I would understand, but baby words and you can clearly understand she's singing. Not babbling. Ella is our human garbage disposal, she will eat anything and everything that isn't nailed down. She hates to be have her clothes or diapers changed and is VERY strong and stubborn. She loves to copy things I do, like yelling at CJ. I can tell she's gonna be one of those mommy's little helper girls already. And she's sassy. She will tell you NO, and she means it. She's started the drama queen temper tantrums, but when she sees her daddy her whole world just stops and her face lights right up.

Ella is truly in love with Magellan, and he with her I think. If she hears his voice, she will track him down in an instant. She longs for his scruffy kisses and his laughter. She is so used to him meeting us outside when we pull in the driveway (he helps bring any bags and the kids inside), that every time we park the car she calls for him and looks out the window. It is very sweet. Her love for him is far greater than I would've ever imagined. It's a sweet love and I hope she always has it for him. You can tell she just brightens his day.

CJ has been a bit better behaved. Well, better than the last few days anyways. Tomorrow is his first full day at school. He goes to preschool Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and has recently requested a want to spend a full day at the daycare there. So, every Friday he'll stay all day and enjoy lunch, nap time and playtime with his new friends. It is a much needed break for mama!

Now, I need to find a sitter for Ella on Fridays, LOL!

Alas, I probably wouldn't know what to do with a whole day to myself.

I'd probably go shopping at Gymboree....


Dawn said...

I don't mind hand-me-downs. LOL. I don't plan on finding out so you'll have to hold onto all of Ella's clothes until May. :)

Queenb said...

UGh, what? No you can't do that! No waiting!